Well, looky here!  Here I am sitting in the early morning sun of the Hutt Valley, just outside Wellington.  Yesterday was a VERY long day for me, as the flight staff woke everyone up at about 2am NZ time.  I got into Auckland about 4:15am, and did the whole immigration/bio security thing.  And then I had to WALK the 12 minutes between the international terminal and domestic terminal at the BIGGEST AIRPORT IN THE COUNTRY.  They have no train/tram/or visible bus.
But I jokingly complained about that enough yesterday.

I got into Welly, had breakfast, went for a run in the warm weather around the Lower Hutt, took a nap of 2 hours, and then got on making Thanksgiving dinner.
The stuffing was great, the asparagus PERFECT, and the pavlova transcendental.  The Davie family and friends were wonderful company.  I am thankful for having them in my life.
We just chatted until I crashed about 10pm, and got a good night's sleep.  I'm running errands today in the city, and look forward to having my hair become "windswept."



I am in New Zealand suckers!


Drawings=Cash Money

This is the best way to pay your bills:


I'm packing today!

I have to sort out my camping stuff to take, get my clothes in order, etc.
I was asked, how does one pack for 3 months of travel?
I answered, "the same as one week, you just do more laundry."

I don't think this person travelled much....


Weekend Update

This weekend was a real hoot as they say in some places. They don't say it here though.

Friday I had brunch with Chris, after his arrival from Japan. I'd love to tell some great story about him modelling in Japan, but alas, that story is mine and he was just there on business. I pointed out that he's the only one I know that eats corned beef hash for breakfast, and he pointed that I'm the only one HE knows who eats biscuits and gravy....mine is tastier.....
Friday night the bad weather came in while I was eating uninspired Italian food with Emily. We then rolled to the Zoo, the Eastlake Zoo Tavern that is, and played long-ass games of pool.
After that, we waited at Bush Garden for Aki and his girl, who were in town for a conference Saturday. We were treated to some INCREDIBLE karaoke talent at Bush Garden (Bump n Grind by R. Kelly was on point).
But none of that matched me when we went to Venus Karaoke, and I sang a ton in the private booths. Waylon, Elvis, A-Ha, Haddaway, and "a whole new world" from Aladdin were all hits.

Saturday was finishing up my Empire business. I am officially retired from that enterprise. I can now say I'm a small business entrepreneur as opposed to an owner....
In the afternoon, I travelled with Emily to Whidbey Island, tracing much of the same route I did with Damon when he visited me a little over a year ago. Back home for dinner and a movie, and an earlier bed time than Cal bragged about on her most recent blog post! (9:30)

Sunday, today, was to be spent cutting down a large tree with my dad, but he got cold feet, and we did some other cutting of wood instead. I was all gung-ho about it, and was quite disappointed I didn't get to use the chain saw....
We went disc golfing, and I lost one in the water, right after my dad said, "don't throw it in the water!" I owe him a new disc. After that we played pool and drank a beer, and watched the football game. I also learned how to play backgammon.

Phew. Tomorrow I'm driving to Seattle to sell some Alfa Romeo parts I've had in my possession since I had my Alfa...how many years ago? 5 I think....



So Fresh and Clean

You noticed it already:  A brand-spanking-new format.  Props to T-Bones McGillicutty, aka Trever Santora for transforming my blog from looking like something millions of people have to a custom-with-drawn-by-me art.  Notice the tattoo?

I'm going to Seattle for the weekend- hopefully going on a hike on Saturday, provided that it's not snowing too heavily up in them thar hills known as the Cascade mountains!

Talk to y'all later!



I am currently kickin' it old school style in my home town of Olympia.  It's the longest spell I've spent here in probably 4 or 5 years.  It's changed a lot in some areas, and it's still the same in others.  I guess that's nothing special....
I went down to Portland to see my friend Meghan this last weekend.  I hadn't seen her in over 2 years, which blows my mind.  She had wanted to come up to Seattle for Halloween/Macho Madness, but was unable to get her shift the day after covered.  So I suggested that I go down there, and bring my costume, and then we could go out to celebrate Halloween.  After dinner (choucroute with 4 kinds of pork in it!), and many drinks of a Portland made apple brandy (very nice/very strong) with a High Life back (very classy) I dressed up.  And then Madness happened.  Pictures below:

And then we went out into the night, with me using my unique combination of ridiculous charm/mild harassment on the ladies.

And then the worst hang-over in a long time.  A pic with Meghan right before I left:

She's wearing the great Engrish shirt I bought her in Japan when I was 20....

Now I'm back in Oly, tying up loose ends, working in the yard for my dad, running, and working on my future project(s).  I feel like....hmmm....is it vacation, or just this weird "limbo" period?  I don't know.


...And we're back!

I'm back from my New England trip visiting family and friends.  It was unusually warm too- almost 70 degrees one day in Syracuse.  And mostly sunny, although it was about 2 weeks behind the prime New England leaf color.  (But I found 1 tree to take a photo of....)

Anyways, up in Syracuse, I hung out with my great friend Aki, and his wonderful girlfriend Vanessa.  We went to a German dinner and pub quiz the night I got there.  Pub quiz was hard- I think designed for people who are going to a major university for an advanced degree (Aki is in law school).  Also done in "The 'Cuse" were watching a trouncing in flag football, making some dinner for a bunch of people, reading "The Island of Dr Moreau" for the 1st time, and going to a place called Funk 'n Waffles.

I then returned to Hartford to stay with my grandparents and see my Mom's family.  I had an assortment of aunts, uncles and cousins to see over the days, and we enjoyed fine meals together.  It was good to catch up with this side, since I see them once every 2 years on average...
And now I'm back.  It's the beginning of the last days for me.  Time will fly quickly, I know.  I feel like my schedule the next 2 weeks is already full, but I know there'll be plenty of time wasted on the internets for example...
But the last days, sad for some I know this, but for others....well, let's just say that they'd better be ready for THIS.

Waffles and I'm just funky.
With Aks the Fox
Cheerleading with the dog, Remy



Away from Seattle

I'm currently on vacation back east. I've seen an old friend up in Syracuse, and am in Hartford, CT with my family. Not much else in terms of exciting things-I'll blog when I get home on Thursday...
Enjoy yourselves.



America, my faith in thee is re-deemed!

6 Time Heavy Weight Champion of the World!

With my friend Nicole, the dead doll that was loved too much.




That's really only the only term to use to describe Friday nights' action.  Pure madness.
I left for the party at 8:30, and was on the early side of the guest arrival.  As an side note, the party was a block away from my old house in Montlake.
I went with my friend Nicole, who was dressed as a doll who got "loved too much."  The party featured 5 bands, opening with a banjo/fiddler combo.  The banjo player was a 30 year old professor from UW I was told.  Then the people started showing up, and I became, well, let's just say the only thing I could be described as is, "on fire."
Macho Madness started fights (with lots of foot stomping enhanced punches), told stories (I will not eat green eggs and ham Sam I Am! Yeah!  Uh-Huh!), to a screen test with Sofia Coppola (To be, or not to be, that is the question! Oh-Yeah!  Uh-Huh!) and just generally captivating audiences.
All with half of a bottle of Fighting Cock brand bourbon.  It's what kept my throaty voice possible all night.
There are other tales to tell I suppose, but they'll be best done justice to your face, as opposed to here....
One last note:  When I started chatting up the hottest Sarah Palin at the party (there were 2 or 3 uninspired women....) I told here that as my tag-team partner, if I got killed she could have my heavy weight championship title without ever needing to challenge for it!  Her boyfriend/Worst McCain ever didn't like that much.....Republicans, whad'ya ganna do?!?