Now that's messed up, in a delicious way.

Anyways, it's New Years Eve, and I am working until 10 or so, then hitting the mean streets to go to a masquerade ball. I made my own mask, and it's the first and last time I will ever buy glitter pens and stick on gems to "bedazzle" anything. But I am looking forward to going to a proper party- it's been a few years since I have done something of serious note. My goal: not to be as hung over as last year. Probability in achieving goal: high, since I don't think the bourbon market recovered it's production still...

The last week has been pretty relaxing, spending time with family and friends, celebrating and whatnot. Happy New Year to you all!


Morgue: Legacy

Well it has happened.

My great friends in NZ, Morgan and Cal have had their child. Willamina is here!
A few weeks ago, before the end of the long-running game I had been a part of with the NZ guys, I spoke to Morgue in a down moment via skype. He spoke of becoming a father, and having his world turned upside down. I used the word "awesome" to describe the situation, and meant it's dual meanings, which he pointed out was the most apt term for this momentous event....

Little did he know, at the time I was capturing the images of a man about to lose my perception of freedom. Or my perception of what "enough sleep" really means. Or quiet, or.....

Morgue when I crack a joke:

Morgue when he realizes that the joke is ON HIM!

(I also saw Tron:Legacy today and liked it for the "awesome" visuals, but it was too long for what it was, and it could've been so much darker, but it was made by the mouse, and this pales in comparison to the importance of the rest of this post, but wanted to let you know.)



It's been busy. Busy for the December cooking man life. Although, I shouldn't complain- not as intense as it's been in the past. Maybe I am becoming better? Maybe business is down? Maybe a better team? A bit of them all?

Well, it's almost over. Good. I really am not a fan of the holidays, because of this negative association. You have fun, I work more. (And then there's the whole don't care much about the birthday party....).

New Years Day I am considering throwing a party that has perhaps a relation to festivus: you express your regrets of the last year, and then say how you've learned from the mistakes and how you're moving forward through the help of a support group/8-step program. There will be grog involved...

Looking forward to next weekend's supper out at Vashon Island. That will be covered for sure. I am beginning to think of this blog as a "major events only" place now. I am considering if I have as much love for this Alligator Love thing as I have in the past....something I am mulling over for the rest of the year. And on that bombshell, have a great day!