Family Reunion '07

I went to my family reunion on Saturday. My dad's family met my girlfriend, which went great. She's great, but she didn't come prepared for the mental stress of the bocce ball tourney.
I hate to say it, but in the 3rd round, she had a meltdown...but we had already won 2 games, and got beaten by the eventual champions, so it's all good. Next year....
I brought an insane amount of ice cream to Birch Bay, where it was held. Everyone went nuts, which is the usual reaction. I was asked a gazillion questions about the business, which was fine, but it was strange because I was the focal point for about 12 people at one point, and they were just rapid-firing queries my way. I got overwhelmed, so I went swimming in the saltwater, which the sun-baked sand had warmed up when the tide came in.
We camped there on the property, and had a bonfire on the beach that night, which was cool.
In the morning the tide was way out again, and the blue herons were out in force- I counted 16 of them in a stretch of tidal water.
The weekend was nice and relaxing- I'm back to the real life this week, all ice cream and whatnot. Yeah.
I have today off, and I'm organizing my room, and listening to old records that my dad gave me- Aretha Franklin's Soul '69 is on right now. I love it.
And then running Green Lake in a bit.

(Sung to the tune of Devo's Whip It) Lick it! Lick it good! (Ice cream you sickos....)


Ice cream monster and animal massacres!

Sunday went rather well. In terms of sales, it was just what we expected out of our 1st day. Unfortunately, when I woke up just after 6, it was raining rather hard-not cold though. It stopped just as the market started, but it kept many people away for the day. I want to thank everyone who bought the ice cream, whether or not you know us....

In terms of realizing the first step of the master plan, it went awesome. I was excited to be part of that community of farmer's and small businesses, and just really happy in general. And not stressed out, which was the average state of being for me the last week. But we did it, and it will only get better!

The highlight of the day was feeding a one year old girl her 1st taste of ice cream. There was this look of, "hmmm.....what is this?" quickly followed by a gasp, laugh, shout and smiles. We created a monster!

I went to a nice restaurant on Saturday, Nell's, which is very close to me on Greenlake. There were seven of us, and shared bites of really everything. I think I set a new personal record for "most different types of animal protein consumed in one meal." They were:

-Tuna tartare
-Sockeye salmon
-Veal loin
-Black cod
-Pork Belly (yummy)
-Chicken egg
-Pork tenderloin
-Kobe beef hanger steak

That's eleven. Man it was a good meal. And a great, though tiring weekend. I'm gonna go for a run now, then a nap, then....? Who knows (not the shadow)

King Leon, I did it. It can be done in a matter of months.


Opening Weekend!!!

The next few days are crazy! On Sunday, we're open for business at the Sunday Market in Ballard. I am nervous as hell, and hoping it doesn't rain, which is really something I shouldn't have to think about at the end of July, eh? But it's a reality right now....
On Tuesday, we were at the factory making ice cream from 5pm until 1:15am, and it was great once it was over. I am the kind of person that gets real worked up up inside- I psyche myself out- and then everything goes well, and it's all good again....I am really proud of myself that I made it this far in such a short amount of time, and hope everything goes well.
I am sure it will.
We're off next weekend, which is kinda good, since I will pretty busy at my (real) job, or I should say, the bill paying one. We're putting 100% of what we make back into the company. We'll just let the beast grow.

I have little time for much else, so if I seem absent, please just hang with me, and feel proud for me. The 1st step in becoming my own boss!


Soda Jerks and stuff

It's late-ish Friday night, and I'm chillaxin' after work. Well, I am actually waiting up for Dragan's radio show- I missed his 1st show last week when I was in DC. I thought that being up at 4 am was a little harsh, when I had to get up early and pack to leave for home....but it's still a bad excuse, since this show is his dream. He's on radio station 91.3 KBCS Friday nights/Saturday Mornings at 1AM to 3AM.

From the website: In Dragan’s own words, “Trans Europe Express will feature non-commercial electronic music from Europe, an eclectic mix of IDM, electro, ambient, experimental and other sub-genres of electronica. It ranges from soft ambient textures to abrasive noise.”

So if you're into abrasive noise, call Dragan. But if you're like me, you just want to hear some mutha-funkin' TIESTO! And if you're really medieval, there's even a show on for you, featuring the music of the darkest ages.

One more week until the Empire is founded. We've even looked at getting scooper hats, you know the old-fashioned soda jerk paper ones? Awesome, except they're sold in boxes of 1000....maybe good for the kids in the future....

I have yet to see my friend Aki since he got back, and this bothers me a little, I'll admit. I have been waiting for the Japanese gansta shit he got for me to rock, and it has yet to be seen by mine eyes. Urasai bakkaro! Korroz!!!!

Finally, I just called Morgan, whom I hadn't talked to in a a coon's age, as some say. While it was nice to hear his voice, it was an absolutely terrible time to chat, and that (without personal details) makes me sad- Morgan, what I miss most about talking with you is your insight, and I thank you more than you know for being (I can only assume) naturally attuned to that.

And finally, I will end on a truly sad note: Trever Santora will not be playing the role of "Russian Soldier #3" in the newest Indiana Jones movie being shot right outside his back door. George Lucas thought he looked too Italian. True story.


Ichiro Madness

At last night's All-Star game, Ichiro (from the Seattle Mariners for all the Kiwis reading) hit the 1st ever inside the park home run. He was named MVP, and has now won every award he could really ever win in MLB, except the World Series title.
5 years at $100 million dollars to re-sign a 32 year old player? Not worth it on the field, but considering he's such a big fan draw.....


It doesn't run on Biodiesel

I'm back in Seattle- been back for a couple of days, but it's been busy. Ice cream and thos things. We're going to have to push the release date back one week, so look for us at the Ballard Sunday Market on July 22nd. It also looks like our fruit flavor is going to be Apricot. We got a whole bunch of free, over-ripe apricots that we cooked forever till they broke down, and made this awesome, sweet-tart batch. Yummy!

Damon is booked for Seattle in October. I'm looking forward to this. Halloween party shenanigans! And I also hope I won't be so busy at work (like when Morgue came) for me to take off a day or two and do the Olympic peninsula. What do you want to do Damon?

My oldest-continuous-best friend, CP has just had all his years of toiling at the Boeing desk come to fruition. He sent me his pictures from the unveiling of the 787, the Dreamliner on Sunday. It's all composite, and more energy efficent than any other plane. But it doesn't run on biodiesel.......

He hopes it doesn't crash....but he only really worked on the storage bins, so we should be ok Chris....


DC Police State vs War Zone

Man, it has been a crazy trip thus far. I woke early to get coffee/wifi and re-connect with many out there, and to do what work I can remotely.

So here's my tale:
Once upon a time, there was an Alligator who left Seattle to travel to the sacred homelands of his his mother. The fertile, gently rolling hills of Conneticut beckoned to him, but his flight was cancelled, and he got to spend Player's Holiday (Thursday night) in Chicago. He was amazed by the 2nd Windiest City, with it's past wealth and glory hanging out at the edge of the Great Lake. He ate at Rick Bayliss' Fronterra Grill, an epicurean's delight. Traditioanl Mexican food was consumed-chili purees of perfection!

It annoys the hell out of me to write that way.....so I'm stopping that. Ok. Does anybody know that they don't make postcards of Cleveland? They don't. I found out when we had to be re-routed through there to get to Hartford.

The family was nice to see, some of whom (my cousins) were adults now, not little whiny kids. Very cool guys.
The wedding of my cousin was a dance-off supreme between me and my little sister. She thought she won, because she's so much cuter than I am. HA! That's what she thinks.....

Sunday was a nice brunch/bbq at my aunt and uncle's house in the country, and I made a nice dinner.
Then on Monday morning, Iris, Mark and I drove down to DC, through New York, New Jersey (very nice- you get to drive 85mph to keep in the flow) and such-a-short-distance-you-could-probably-measure-it-in-feet time in Delaware, then Maryland, and the Federal District of Columbia (whose license plates read "Taxation Without Representation").
DC is actually nicer than I thought it'd be. The Mall is very nice and cool at night- all the monuments are lit up, and whatnot.

Tueday I went to the Capitol, and saw probably 20% of the building. They don't let you into the chambers unless you have a ticket from your representative or senator...and I also saw the Nat'l Greenhouse and Native American Museum.
And then started drinking at 4 at dime wing night. Can anyone tell me how gross it is to know you were part of a $3 wing-fury? And half a burger.

4th of July was crazy. I cooked ribs and collard greens (Sorry Damon- yours were great, but mine were perfect.) We went to a BBQ, drank Canadian and Mexican beers, ate, bullshited, lit off fire crackers and bottle rockets, watched the big display from the rooftop of a million dollar condo, saw some guys get their fireworks taken away by the DC PD (DC is a Police State- I said so on the news-it's a long story), watched more crazy people blow up shit. It was this insane war zone in DC last night. I've never seen so much explosions in a city before. And people are just running around-the little pyros!

Whew. If you made it, good for you. This is binge-blogging fer sure.
3 more days in DC, filled with many museums and monuments.
Have fun kids.