New Car. I have finally got me one: an '88 Mercedes 300SE, black on black. Now, you may think, wow, what an old car to buy! But it had 86K miles on it, really. It's a crazy old lady had it in the garage sort. I am still pondering it's existence, and if I am going to become obsessed car-dork with it. (Probably not much.) I need to go read the owners manual right now, since it's got some complicated things I am not used to on my Dart, such as ABS, fuel injection, power windows, cruise control, etc, etc.... You know, normal stuff by todays standards? (It was the 1st model with airbags, interesting factoid).

And: Wow. (Automatic Friday Linky).


Madness (Non-Macho Man Type).

It's tourney time again! NCAA men's basketball for those of you that reside elsewhere. I've filled out my bracket, and will be placing it into the various betting pools.

Here's mine, for your reference:

and to some (like CP): Yes, I have Duke as my champions....I know it's cliche, but it's how it went down, what can I say? Let's go March Madness!



So I've been rather secretive regarding things concerning my future. I wish it was so more exciting than this, because it's not anything cool as moving to Hawaii and doing this.

I've got an idea. More than an idea, a well thought out one, that is to become a business, run by me. And it's so silly simple. Tried and true. Not overwhelming to pull off with my background. And it can make money. And it will give me the one thing I've craved pretty much for the last 10 years of my life: to be utterly, solely, absolutely the boss.

Cold Beer/Hot Dogs. That's the concept/name as I see it. With good music, of course. Local, natural hot dogs with my handmade, interesting condiments/toppings. Great/working-man brews, ice cold. Rawk music/non-rawk music. A tavern. My style. My work/effort.

Help is appreciate/needed. This is only in it's infancy, so don't quit your day jobs just yet! Now my secret is out....