Cold front in the convergence zone!


And I love how when it does, everybody FREAKS, and cannot drive slow enough.
Causing a 50 car pile-up. No joke.

When it snows, it's the lead story. CLEARY, there is more important local news?

Well, looking into it, it was kinda a slow newsday. Nevermind.

I took my old job back, and got a BIG raise. Not really, but it's decent. And my special was:
Vanilla-scented braised shortribs (grass-fed beef from Walla Walla) on a sweet potato (not kumara) cake and braised leeks with blood oranges.

It was good.

AND, most importantly, and lost in this blog post, was the fact that I had my first official meeting with the boys about the restaurant project. A lot of good ideas were brandied about. But the highlight was Tom's qoute about kids:
(In a REAL Southern accent) "And I don't want no kids either...well, no stupid kids. I don't want no fuckin' ball pit in the corner...." and it continued like that. It was classic TD. Again though, lot's of good opening stuff, that led to an innovative idea that I will not express openly on this public domain. I'm not paranoid or nuthin', but what's mine is mine.


Wai-Hai 2007

It's about time I posted the pics from Hawaii with the bros. Chris and I flew into Hawaii and scared the shite outta Trever, these are from the results of those epic days!
On the black sand beach

whacking, I mean fanning Chris.

I wove a hat out of palm fronds and became the coconut king of the beach.

At the top of the mountain, 14,000 feet up. The white are the clouds waaaaaay below us. I got really lightheaded, a bda sign of altitude sickness.

A few of the telescopes.

This is a photo with a regular camera through a MUCH smaller telescope, that accidently had the flash on. We caught Saturn in the image.

The beach preferred by Hawaiian Royalty. No Coconut Kings allowed.

But sandcastles are. This is after the 1st big wave. And this is also the 1st sand castle I built since the one in Portugal with Morgue and Leon. No caves for the winged monkeys.

CP goes CRAZY!

The End.


I don't like cricket. Oh no.

Here I am, sick.
Sick sucks.
I am feeling like I need to get a job, but there's not much that excites me, and so my response to ads has been lackluster. I need to figure out where I want to work, and then blitz them with my personality. And then the whole being sick thing is keeping me from being active. And I want to nap now.

Last night I was the guy. Kind of. And in a BAD way. A kind that makes me feel I'm too nice for my own good. There was this girl a the bar, and she was wasted. And from Brooklyn. With the full-on accent. She said "coffee grinder" more like "cwafee groinda." And her nose kept molesting my ear when she talked to me. I was too nice to tell her to leave me the fuck alone. And then she spilled her drink and attached herself to some other guy and I was free, and my ear was better.

I really shouldn't have gone to karaoke last night. But I did represent and sing Dreadlock Holiday.

I don't like cricket. Oh no.
I love it. Oh yes.


Happy President's Day!

Well- it's this weekend. I had mentioned to Morgan during the brief "thank-you-very-much-for-the-gift-how-are-things-and-do-people-continue-to-live-interesting-lives-without-me?" phone call, that I was going to rate the former USA presidents.
And then I had the idea of, "why ALL presidents? Alot of them were wankers."

What do I get the most out of my prez? It's simple: Cash money.
So the best US presidents in my opinion are (in no particular order) are:

Ben Franklin ($100)
Ulysses Grant ($50)
Andrew Jackson ($20)
Alexander Hamilton ($10)
Lincoln ($5)
Jefferson ($2)
Washington ($1)

Some might see a trend, but that's my honest opinion. Others might point out (like I did) that they're are older, bigger notes to collect. From the US treasury dep't:

There are also several denominations of currency notes that are no longer produced. These include the $500 bill with the portrait of William McKinley, the $1,000 bill with a portrait of Grover Cleveland, the $5,000 bill with a portrait of James Madison, the $10,000 bill with a portrait of Salmon P. Chase, and the $100,000 currency note bearing a portrait of Woodrow Wilson.

Read that again. Salmnon P(ortland) Chase?!?!?! Who's that?


Pretty cool I never knew that. Pretty sad that all those "big-bling" bills had to use pictures of men who historically pale in comparison to the older guys.

If you thought that this was ranting, don't EVEN get me started on what good pennies are for!


Make Your Voice Heard!

Go Black Caps.
Man, I know in NZ you guys are pumped for the fact that the world cup is so close.

BUT, I remember the public AND media being so emotionally manic-depressive about the team. So, are they really that good? I think you better call up your local sports talk radio station and declare alound how you feel!

I know I did. Nobody knows who Lou Vincent is....


I am a quarter century old!

It's my birthday.
My situation:
I have no keys, to ANYTHING! Including my Dart, which TD still has.
I have no phone number. Working on that one.
I have no house, job, or girlfriend.

What does this say to you?

I have a dream though. And a sweet-as new shirt from Anne Davie.

And I kinda do have a job, but it's my old one, and I'm there for a testimonial.

Things are looking good.


It's too cold

Where am I? What is this weather? How come my body is hating this feeling, or shall I say, lack of feeling?

I want summer back!

It is like I never left. Which says either:
I wasn't gone very long, and 6 months is nothing but a long vacation.
Or my friends haven't changed (and I'm not implying it in a bad way.)

So, either way, I realized that I feel very, very lost and slightly uncomfortable, and mostly confused.
What is this building? Why is there a vote for the viaduct, when it's apparently to voice an opinion that won't matter? (Morgue- you should look into that mess if you want to see a prime example of bad government.)

So I am still acclimating, and have a slightly overwhelming list of things to take care of.

Why can't I have a butler?

And Joe Average America still is depressing. except I am listening to the Boss right now.....


Horny Manatees

The other day I was alerted to one of the more disturbing things on the internet, brought to you by Conan O'Brien:


Ok, it might seem a bit bad, but what started as an impromptu joke on Late Night, has turned into the HOTTEST (in more ways than one) adult manatee sites on the net! Here is some back story/info on this unique sub-genre.

I hear it's Chris Panado's favorite.

Also, as an added bonus, one could view the short cartoons by the name of Pale Force, where Conan fights crime by blinding the Evil-Doers with pale skin, and shooting laser beams via his nipples!



Just got back into Hilo from hot-as Kona. It was nice spending a couple of days at a choice resort, feeling like a gazillionaire.
The weather was fine, sunny, and the waves massive. The pool over looked the ocean, and had waves breaking big on the volcanic rock. The sunsets were watched from the hot tub.
Friday was spent on the beaches favored by the former Hawaiian royalty, and getting thorns jabbed through our jandals while geocaching. It was a perfect day, and even a sandcastle was made.
I got tan.
After dark, we sat out on the balcony drinking heavily hopped beer and watching a Hawaiian band play island music. They weren't bad...and of course it was perfect weather to sit outside and drink in.
And now I'm back. I arrive back in Seattle on Monday night. And cannot wait.
I look forward to it!


Born in the USA

Did I come back to this? I forgot all about the massive portions!

It is surreal to be back in the US, but I suppose Waikiki as your 1st impression is not the best one. Where else can you view literally a dozen Japanese tourists videoing themselves walking by Gucci, Prada, Coach, etc? And how do feel about that?

Anyways, my last weekend in Aotearoa was choice: I thank the Drinkwaters mucho. Taranaki was a nice relaxation/decompression from my events of leaving. I saw parts of NZ that are never seen by outsiders- like the Republic of Whangamomona. The last night in Auckland was spent feeling like a wised old man doling advice to the newly arrived Germans. I heard, "so after my week in Auckland, I can't wait for my week in Queenstown!" Yes I can tell you're interested in the real NZ....
...but I'm not bitter.

So right now I'm in Hilo, HI, with Trever Santora and Christopher Panado. We have a large week of idiling around forgotten beaches, and spending Thurs and Fri nights at a lush Kona resort.

America is strange, and I'm sorry, the airports are almost more hassle than they're worth. But people are different to be around; they interact differently, and talk with a different tone.
It's strange, but then again, Hawaii is not all typical USA. So without further ado:

For Morgan.


Game Over

I have left Welly/Lower Hutt.
I have left the Davie family.
I have left home, and it was the hardest thing I've done in a long time.
It was easier to come to NZ, and say goodbye to my friends back there-and I even kept it close to myself the possibility of there never being a return to the US (at least a return of staying)

The 1st thing I said to myself when I left the driveway was, "I'll be back."
From there, I started thinking about who and what I get to see and do when I return. My adventure in Hawaii, and the highlights of my past 6 months here in NZ.

High: Thanksgiving.
Low: Every second of work, except the moment I walked outta there.

There are many highs, and so many that they combined into a massive ball of "sweet-as" and led to the aforementioned sadness.

But on a happy note, I'd like to thank everyone who turned out to play nails last night, we approached the 100 nail-in-the-stump mark, which is impressive to me. I'm glad it was I who showed you the new scourge of NZ-I'm afraid of the repurcussions of groups of guys playing rounds of nails in the backyard before hitting courtnay place.

Anyways, I want to keep it short. I'm in some strange territory in my head, and am still working things out.

Morgan, keep the Scorpion hat in good use. And safe.
A wise man once said,
"I like it, I love it, I want some more of it."