Black Caps Win.

I went to the Black Caps (NZ) vs India Twenty20 cricket match last night at the Cake Tin with some friends. The match is shortened to 20 overs apiece, so it only takes about 3-3.5 hours to play. The concept seems to be, "lets make a format of cricket that we could market to Americans." The big hitting sure makes it entertaining...
India didn't really produce much in their innings; a paltry 150 was all that NZ needed to win, with a good score being 180+ or so...
So when NZ came out and scored 50 runs in 4 overs, the whole crowd thought it was over...
But, the Black Caps did their usual, and when they should have had it in the bag, they shot themselves in the foot. They lost 3 wickets closely, with 2 coming back to back. NZ needed 9 runs from the last 3 balls. Brendan McCullum hit 2 boundaries (for 4 runs), and needed 1 run off the last ball. India set their field up to cut off anything small, and on the last ball, McCullum hit a shot up into the air, just out of reach of the India fielder, and the place went nuts.
I then headed home, because I ate some dodge stadium food, while everyone else went for the "safer" Subway...and now I sit in the rain, feeling slightly ill.



Repairs, everything I own seems to be in need of repair....that's either a matter of me being in my head too much, like my dad suspects, or that I don't earn enough money (really, when you're retired like me, it's that you don't have any income, except poker and bets) to just simply buy new ones with total disregard....
My tent, my new(-ish) tent I bought at the beginning of the year: I never really mentioned it, 'cause it's embarrassing, but it got ripped. And when I say ripped, I mean the tent fly got cut, when I (tried to) cooly flicked open my pocket knife, and just basically stabbed the tautness.

Yup. I am an idiot.

And then there's my computer too, which has been taken in, after Damon and I cleaned it out/I forgot 2 steps of the screw removal. I realised my error, but only after Damon had put some pretty strong force on the motherboard. Which was probably going to be replaced anyways, but it could have used without the wrenching anyways...

Don't get me started on things like my Dart!

I suppose while other people have been investing their money into market-driven retirement accounts and houses, I've been investing in myself...which some may argue needs repairs too!



The Cuba street carnival happened Saturday night, which is the big bi-annual event here in Welly that combines everything from traditional Samba bands, to space DJs, to marching bands, to the Wellington International Ukelele Orchestra covering "Sweet Child of Mine," to "the most patriotic band in the world cuz" Damn Native (Maori hip-hop).
And then there was a whole lot else...man, it was crazy ecclectic...
The vibe was relaxed, and the weather during the day was, well, it couldn't have been better, since the weather the day before was absolutely terrible. Sun all day, and the wind didn't really kick in till later in the evening.
With the music on various stages, being disgusted by the world's luckiest/least humble pool player Matt Bayless, eating a venison-fig burger, the parade of insane floats, being in a huge samba sea with colors-overload, a latenight 60's soul dance party in the middle of the street, and after-hours drinking, it all aded up to a wonderful night!
I will look forward to the next carnival I get to experience!


Don't Give Beer To Militias.

So for starts, I went up to Coromandel this week; it's one of the last places I've yet to go in NZ. By my calculation, I have Stewart Island in the far, far south, and the East Cape of the north Island to do yet....which is pretty cool I think!
I 1st went to a place that was difficult to find, and thought I'd be secluded, but nope, there was a bunch of high school kids who kept harassing me for beer. And I thought they were training for a militia too! That was not the best night in the bush.
On the 2nd day, I went to Hot Water Beach, where there's a hot spring beneath the sand. One can dig holes to relax in if you're there at the right time of the tides, but that perfect time wasn't when I was there. So I moved on, to the far, far north of the peninsula.
Up there, the water was warm, the sand was golden, the sky was blue, and the cows plentiful.
I really liked it up there, and it'd be a nice place to have a bach/cabin, but only if you had a boat to get there, since the road was just wild....
And then it was on to the pinnacles, where a 2 hour hike straight up got me to the hut where I dropped off my bag. Then, if at all more possible, it was even more straight up to the top of the pinnacles. They're these crazy eroded rock spires you take ladders up to reach the summit that lets one view both the Hauraki Gulf and the South Pacific on both sided of the peninsula at once. Amazing.
But it gets better: after dark, the rain and wind came. In the morning, it was downright foul out there, but it wasn't too cold. The hike down was the wettest I've ever gotten in all instances where I didn't actually jump into standing water, like a lake.
But it was all fun, and the whole trip gave me perspective and self-reflection, which is what I wanted the trip to do.
There's a whole other post about the Cuba Carnival, but that'll be written tomorrow. I'm done for now!
(Oh, and no pics, 'cause my computer went down again, so it's begun the road to repair now!)



For those of you that missed the Alligator Adventure last friday night, here are the questions for the event. If you live in Wellington, then think about them, and if you don't, then the answers are provided, but probably won't mean much...

On the waterfront I command, I take charge.
Slightly rusty, my height is quite large,
Made out of steel, nary a woman to feel,
It’s almost certainly a very old ________________.

I’m an old gal with lots of fire.
To expand was my driving desire.
To look on the Kent, I’m seemingly hell bent,
I’m an original POM with an ________________.

Look at my colors, look at me dart!
Confusing I know, but I have lots of heart.
Not filled with vodka, alas only agua,
Aren’t I Welly-town’s best piece of ________________?

Take a trip in the sea near Aruba,
An island with blue water to scuba.
The leader’s a Red, is he on his deathbed?
Come have a drink at the capital of ________________.

Alas it’s Aaron’s big night.
To toast him would only be right.
This I hope you can decode, before it can explode,
Stop at the place with more than ________________.

Are you up to it? Something very extreme!
You need courage, gumption supreme!
I trial I’d flunk, even when drunk,
You better hold on, ‘cause you’re gonna ________________!

To the sky I’m seemingly bound.
I’m interesting, I’ll surely astound.
With your concern, you’ll see only fern,
Can you find me? I’m silver and ________________.
Yet another place to fall off the wagon.
Have a dram, a pint, or a flagon.
I didn’t say Patagonia, I said Snowdonia!
Meet me at the place of the ________________.

For this one you need a translator.
Someone from the home of the gladiator.
I wouldn’t lie, I could eat a pie,
With sauce made from a to-________________.


The damn law made me turn over new leafs.
They’re really uncomfortable, you couldn’t beliefs!
Ladies walk past, sometimes I harass,
Ask me, do I wear boxers or ________________?


To this adventure, it’s time to bid farewell.
Come on down, I command, I compel!
No place for a snooze, alas only booze.
Come on down and ring the night ________________.

Answers: 1. Barge (the old one on the waterfront) 2. Empire (Queen Victoria statue on Kent Tce) 3. Art (The enigma that is the bucket fountain) 4. Cuba (Havana Bar) 5. Might (Mighty Mighty) 6. Scream (The bungee sligshot ride) 7. Round (the civic square flying sphere) 8. Dragon (The Welsh Dragon bar) 9. 'Mater (Pizza Pomodoro) 10. Briefs (Blanket Man) 11. Bell (Motel, with it's ring for entry bell)

I've decided to go up to Coromandel for a couple days to go on a vision quest. Be back for the Cuba St. carnival on Saturday!


Alligator B-Day Love.

Awww, the weekend is over, and I am exhausted- it was a wild one. The aforementioned Friday night, with it's ridiculous antics around town and at Motel.
Saturday, during the day was a fight to stay awake, even with a nap, because Saturday night was Atomic, the 80's dance party at San Fran. That was great too, but it really took all my energy to be able to get the engine started, but once it did, I was on fire. That was just after midnight, when I got to tell everyone that it was my birthday, and have a guy tell me he loved eating taquitos in the US...that may have even been the highlight of his trip, those taquitos....
And then after another late night, and early Sunday morning, I had a dinner with "the family"
at Regal Chinese. At the dinner, I received the gift of supreme Alligator love, a scarf knitted by Caroline, which is an Alligator. Morgan gets to share credit (now that they're married) in that he picked the color of the wool. The scarf is truly amazing, and I cannot put into words how swet it is!
Morgue, Cal, Malcom and I then went to Strike Soundsystem, a crazy Wellington percussion group that utilized umpteen different drums and cymbals of the traditional sort, marimbas, a dj, big tubes, a car fender, a human beatbox, electronics, water and fire to make rhythmic sounds. Amazingly entertaining, I'd recommend, but I said it last night, and I'll say it again: if these guys practised more often, they'd have a hit, a tour and hit show. There were moments where things were off, but really only because the entire concept was massive in it's scope.
And then I slept, slept for 12 hours nearly...


Alligator Adventure.

Wow, what a night you missed last night!

I hosted a treasure hunt game last night, with limericks as the clues. Once a team solved the quandry, they would need to go to the location that the riddle pointed them to. And then they would need to document their visiting it with photos. Some destinations/answers were statues, or ancient barges, bars, public art that sprayed you inadvertintly, one was a pizza place, and a man who had to have the courts order him to wear underwear was the bonus.
Then, we got our drink on, 'gator-style at Motel. We had the doorman and the coctail waitress involved in our puzzles, and we asked them questions. Lots of Scotch and pictures of the trophy being bandied about. Trouble.

And then the bill came, and all I have to say is: Damon, you rock and roll dude.

Oh, and there were squirt guns too.


Zombie CPU.

This is from my miraculously working computer, although I suspect there are some issues.  But the point is: It's NOT DEAD!



Dang Tea.

Yesterday I spilled some Tea on my computer. It lived for about 2 seconds after that, then it went off. It wasn't that much, and I drained the mac of all I could....but it still wouldn't turn on.
I got advice which Damon gave me on best actions to take are, and I'm currently following them. But it'll be a couple days before those tricks are completed....it's all just drying it out.
It's quite possible the thing is gone...
So I may be less, shall we say, "connected?"


(I also saw Slumdog Millionaire. It was good, but was it amazing? I don't really think so...)


Are You Wearing Pants?

There is this website I go to in the rounds, just to look at/riducule, and it's called Geekologie. They seem to have a bacon love that I understand, and someone came up with this bacon-in-your-life flowchart.  They're geeks, remember?


When Eels Attack!

Well I'm back from the river, as most all y'all know. It was a wonderful trip with Malcom. Highlights included: my being scared to the point of violent swearing by some wild, shaggy sheep at dusk. Eating a ridiculous amount of jam when the jam jar exploded, and I had to clean it up (by eating it!). Being formally welcomed on the Marae (Maori house) at Tieke, and hanging out with the couple that are caretakers there (I watched the guy Brent chasing possums after dark with his big stick with much amusement!). Jumping off insane cliffs into water where we couldn't see the bottom (therefore, logically being deep enough!), and then finding out that there are crazy huge eels living in the river that will bite ya! The scenery overall was a highlight too.
If you haven't seen the pics yet, they're here on facebook.
Since I've been back, I've caught up on my correspondence (naught from immigration!) and got a word from a Belgian I met while traveling in Spain my 1st time there.  We keep in touch, and he's a chef as well.  He just got a new job for a Belgian company that does molecular gastronomy stuff, specifically, food pairing.  The concept is that when foods are broken down into their molecules, they will reveal best what goes with what, due to chemical structures.  Find out all you desire here!
And finally, I went to a great show last night, the fringe festival is now on in the city, and so there's lots of crazy music/performance stuff to see, like the aftermath of the Rugby Sevens tournament on Courtnay Place at 2:30 in the morning!