Are you High!?!

hey everyone. I commence my re-telling of my Thanksgiving weekend here:

Saturday mid-day I drove down to Olympia with Angie, and we joined my family for the proper dinner. I roasted the bird, made stuffing, mashers, gravy, a green bean casserole (but not the nasty kind), and cornbread. Added to the mix by family: Cranberry sauce and this Jello/fruit mold, which is my favorite Andrews family food tradition. Seriously, it's AMAZING.

After rocking the Trivial Pursuit power hour, we went with my brother downtown to meet my friends Chris and Trever for drinks and shuffleboard at the Brotherhood. Outside the bar there's a Gyro cart called "gimpy's gyros." Apparently, the guy got in a bike accident, and used the money to do that....

Sunday was brunch at my momma's, and then Angie and I went for a walk with my dad. It was kind of crazy and structured now that I think about it....hmmmm.....it's quite difficult to split my time up when I go to Oly for only one night- so many people request my lovely company.

Well, it begins this week- the holiday madness. From Friday to the 16th of Dec, it will be work, work, work. Good thing for Angie she's going to Costa Rica. When I asked for the time off, I figured there would be a 1% chance I would get it. It was less than that: I got a reply of "Are you high!?!"


2 Trees? NO! 2 Pies!

Yesterday I worked on Thanksgiving- what a yawner! We had too many people on staff, but the only great thing about working was that I got paid double time, and took home a meal for 4 (2 pies!).

Today, I'm out and about shopping for food and getting ready for my weekend home. So there's not too much exciting going on....what else is there to say?

Adios England, that's it!



I've been catching up on the act of watching DVDs.
Going into the player recently:
Dexter, s1
6 Feet Under, s1
Entourage, s3
Stargate Atlantis, downloading season 4
And I just watched the 1st ep of Flight of the Conchords. Excellent stuff.
And some Miyazaki movies back there for some class...

Getting ready for turkey day.....I'm going to be cooking on Saturday at my grandma's house. No Leon, there won't be a bunch of Swedish girls attending......


Bombay the hard way.

I had today off (I've noticed it seems I only post on my days off, thus creating the illusion to the readers that all my days are off...) and it was highly productive. But it was also ANGIE'S BIRTHDAY. I had the gifts ready in the AM, and basically spent my whole day gathering ingredients/slaving away in the kitchen to produce an epic Indian meal for her and her friends. Ok, I didn't slave away all day- I did go record hunting and found the Steve Martin "Wild & Crazy Guy" vinyl....

Well there was some other stuff lodged in there too, but the menu had some vegetable curry w/ coconut, a kashmiri lentils, saag paneer, nice rice, pickled cauliflower, garlic naan, raita, salty mango pickles and great wine.

It was followed up by a greasy chocolate cake, which SOMEBODY ATE WAAAAAAAAAAY TO MUCH OF, and chai.

I am full and sleepy. I go to bed after a long and fulfilling day.

(Trever is back. I say that again, T-Man is back in Washington!)
These are Halloween party pictures fr.om my house mate.


3D Movie/Mystery

Nothing important has really hapened all week until yesterday.
We celebrated Angie's birthday ALL DAY.
-Run around Green Lake on an empty stomach (worst feeling EVER)
-Coffee and bagels
-a DVD
-IMAX movie in 3D (Seamonsters) that was super cool, and inadvertently snuck into the science center.
-A drink/trivial pursuit at an Italian spot
-Dinner at Carmelita, a vgetarian/vegan fine dining restaurant. I had a good time, and a good meal. I was happily supprised.
And then we got more suprised when the server told us that our tab had been paid for by someone who had called before we arrived and gave them his/her credit card. We cannot figure it out.

Was it you?


Pourable Tofu Madness!

My day off was busy. Productive, even.

I woke up to go to the eastside to go to the doctors and vote. I liked the fact that I was still regestered there (I did change it today) so I could vote for my cousin, Keri Andrews. I will look in one hour's time to see the results for her running, and all the other things I voted for, most notably, Prop. 1, which is for a regional transportation package that funds a combination of rails and roads. I think the plan has too little for rail and too much for roads. I also don't like the linking of the 2 different ways to move people into one plan. I'm hoping that by passing this one up, we'll be offered a plan that looks at a life without cars as being a realistic option in Seattle. I voted no, obviously.

I then had to run some errands up on the north end, and swung by a great-possibly the best reviewed- Korean restaurant called Hosoonyi. They specialize in draft tofu soup- the tofu is pourable, and it's served in super heated stone crocks that contain boiling soup at it's arrival at your table. I ate by myself, but my table was completely covered in small bowls containing the assorted kim-chees and sides. It was epic.

I then worked on my secret project- first phase- for a an hour and a half, and then dinked around, and then ran around green lake.
It was stuff all day.


saccharomyces cerevisiae

Howdy. It looks like I'm just hanging out solo on a Friday night at home. It's feels like a long while since I've just sat here, enjoying a beer/going to bed early/catching up on small projects. I haven't been dissed either- perhaps I'm dissing everyone else?....

Damon has left, a couple days ago, and his time here was greatly appreciated by me. It was nice to have a link to a past life...he did ask on his 1st night if I was planning to return. He got a lengthy reply, and told me in response, "so, Morgan got to you." I don't know if that's quite accurate, but something about Wellington definately "got" to me....
....I spoke to Morgan's mom Anne tonight, something I hadn't done in months, and she asked me if I was going to come to NZ. Hopefully in the spring I told her. We'll see....I'm having a "soul-searching" time right now in regards to my pay job, and, to keep things short and sweet, at least I have options (it's what Anne said).

So. We'll see. I'd love to take a 3 or 4 week trip down there. I would have the paid vacation to do it.

Ok. I'm just going to meld into the night. Listen to music. Drink another beer. Plot my next secret project, which involves apples and saccharomyces cerevisiae.

The night awaits!