The Other Coast

Got a whole grip of stuff to take care of for the Empire. Some of it was done today (btw- got the machine delivered, and it's all shiney stainless steel) and there's more to do while I'm away.
Which leads me to the fact that I'm heading out East for the next 10 days. 1st will be Hartford CT, and the wedding of my cousine Miles. Also included in that whole shebang is seeing the family on the other coast whose curse it is to see me every few years. Then on Monday, there's a long drive down to DC, where I'll be on the Mall for the 4th. Drunk. Probably pretty drunk, actually.

While weddings (and drunks) are mentioned in this post, I'd like to say congrats to my friend Leon and his girl Laura, who have gotten engaged. It's time to start thinking about the wedding feast's menu I'll be cooking.....

Good on ya, Leon.


weekend bonzai!

Whew! What a weekend! So chocka full of stuff.
Friday night, at work, I ate the most decadant thing I've ever had. Well, definately the most decadant in a long time. I won't say what it is, because it will ovewhelm most of you. It was apeshit crazy good.
Then I went out with Angie and saw Whitetrash Whiplash, who unexpectedly rawked. The guitar player fell from about 8 feet up during the freebird guitar solo- and kept playing. I then slept until 1pm.

I went to Carta de Oaxaca, which is very good, and will be on my "go back and have pozole again list." Oh, Ballard- you have some good Mexican restaurants.

Saw "Eagle vs Shark" which was easily the best film I've seen this year. Truly great stuff. Thank you New Zealand for that one. I highly recommend it to everyone that loved Napoleon Dynamite, and not to those that loved "Blade 2."

I then continued my gastronomic delights by having a banzai Japanesh dinner, consuming sushi of various types, sukiyaki, broiled black cod collar and takoyaki- basically chopped octopus dumplings with ponzu sauce. Yum.

Uhh....what next? Oh yeah, Sunday morning I went on an 8 mile hike to Rachel Lake in the cascades (12 miles past Snoqualmie pass). It started nicely, following a stream and passing through alpine meadows in a canyon. And then the end of the canyon was met, and a relentless ascent began, up over 1500 feet, and over the snow line. It was raining on us, and then all of a sudden, it was snowing on us. We hurredly ate our lunches in the quiet-snow-lake place, and more or less bolted down before we completely froze. It got warm quickly, which was nice, and finished 5.5 hours after we started.

And then Dustin cooked me dinner, featuring the 10 pounds of cherries he bought for $10. Cherry Sauerbraten (braised beef shortribs with cherry-shiraz sauce), crushed potatoes (last time he ever cooks purple potatoes), greens, and for dessert: cherry cobbler and cherry ice cream. And wine. Good wine. And applejack. Good applejack.

And sleep.


Bing Bang.

So Tuesday night dodgeball was pretty good. It's a fun game for sure, but it lacks the same fun-loving crowd that brought me into the group, and have all moved on. I heard there's another group, consisting of hipsters, playing earlier in the evening on tuesdays. I might check that one out, if I get off work early enough.

Solstice came and passed, nothing notable, but at least I'm not my brother Isak, who just went to Fairbanks, Alaska for his summer job. Where it won't get dark for another 2 weeks....good thing he's working 12 hour days- it'll help him sleep.

I went to karaoke last night, and perhaps I have a new spot. It's an Irish pub, and they have an average sized collection, but with some ecclectic selections. I sang splish splash. Lyrics to this childhood favorite can be found here. What other song has the line, "bing bang, I saw the whole gang, dancing on my living room rug."

Anyways, gotta go. I have to get ready for my trip back east next week this weekend, and plan on seeing, "Eagle vs. Shark" if I have time. Which I'll make for the movie.


1st night of Dodgeball

Yessiree Bob, it's the 1st night of dodgeball to be played by me since last summer. I am looking forward to it, and have been for the last couple days. It is truly one of my great regrets that the game wasn't conveyed as a mission to NZ. It really was too hard to find a spot, eh Morgue? Well, there's always the future.....

I went on my longest and toughest run yesterday, and it wasn't my legs that were sore afterwards, but some mirrored spots on my ribcage. Apparently, if one breathes too deeply, it'll get you sore.....hmm.

Downloading the new White Stripes album right now, and I got tickets to their show at the Paramount in September. It'll be the 1st time I've been there since my very 1st concert ever: James Brown. That was on Halloween night, age 16 with Trever Santora, 3rd row. The Godfather of Soul in full effect.

I also want to post something the aforementioned Morgue posted on his blog. It's a seemingly excellent high school teacher's argument on why smoething has to be done on climate change. I know it won't change any of this blog's reader's minds, since you're all down with the good side, but it's still an interesting concept.


Her foot got stuck in a TV.

So the last week went by without blogging? How'd that happen? Well, it's been a mix of exciting social events, the work thing, and interesting personal life developments....I don;t think I can recall the majority of the things that have gone on past, say Friday.
CP left town for the bay area and left me in charge of his dog and all personal major posessions. I used them well. You know chicks really like whippets?
It was also TD's birthday, which was a banger at Porta with the dance-off, loud music, happy rendevous between folks, and regretably weak drinks/long lines. (if there's 2 things I hate about packed bars it's those 2 things!) After hours unveiled TD's newest and by far best gift he received this birthday- a new TV which replaced his old one which had finally crapped out on him. It had started limping along about 2 months ago, and needed to be quickly switched on and off to "warm er up." And that got to take so long, that Tom would just go straight to bed when he came home, as opposed to fall asleep in his chair under grandma's afghan. So, yeah we got a good used one on Craigslist, and broke the old one. And then Angie jumped off a chair, and got her leg stuck in the TV. Yes. It got stuck, and ate her flip flop. And she left blood on the floor like a wounded deer.

I think it's finally safe to say there's no chance in hell that those boys are getting their security deposit back.

And Saturday was the solstice parade- you know, the major city event where dozens of people ride their bikes around naked? It was the 1st time I'd seen it, and in addition to the aforementioned fun, the bands, floats and just crazy people were a great time. Drinking outside and people watching. It was nice. I'm gonna have to be in it next year, but clothes on, and just going crazy.

Today my dad came up with my brother Isak, and we shot pool (my dad is apparently a shark- I never knew), ate burgers and watched Tiger play at Leny's Place. And then threw the frisbee....A relaxing day.

Ok!!! Enough, I must run!


Oly, it's in the water!

Went down to my hometown this weekend for my dad's birthday/returning stateside party today.
Last night I helped him move around all the stuff- the idea is that he's turning my former bedroom into the "media" room. He's ready to upgrade the TV to HD, and has the computer there (which is a needier replacement IMO) and also he'll record music in there if he likes....we watched Sleeper, the Woody Allen classic. It's so good because of his neurotic rants, and the scene where he beats down the pudding is my favorite.
*******BREAKING NEWS*********
Woody Allen Interviewing Billy Graham. It's pretty funny, and there are 2 parts.
So yeah, we had the party and drank piƱa coladas and had burgers and chicken. It was great. Man, that Billy sure took all the wind out of my post........whew.......
I've started running, but not because Damon might be here in October........


In the News

Sorry I haven't written much- I know you come here for the best insight, ever. But it's been an odd week, and we're hitting some crunchtime stuff with the ice creamery. I'll write something good this weekend- I promise.
( I have no idea where that came from)


War Chests.

It's so hot, it makes you want to eat ice cream. I went to the farmer's market by my house today, and got Okanogan strawberries (still 1 more month for the Western Washington ones) and Chelan cherries. They might have rushed them to the market a few days early, but they're still good. And people just GAVE UP THEIR MONEY WITHOUT THOUGHTS OR CARES for them. I know I did. I saw one stand where the cash was coming in so quick, they just threw it in a crate, making an impressive War Chest of twentys......

I then walked around Green Lake for the 1st time since moving to my new place. It was full of the beautiful and not-as beautiful people.