Monday and Today are the last gasps of summer.  I can tell.  It's sad, except for the fact that I won't be here for the cruelest winter has to offer.  The leaves are turning and/or falling.  The nights come early, and in the mornings, the air is crisp.  I took out the garbage & compost this morning in my sandals, and my feet got numb from the dew (on the long grass I have to cut tomorrow).
It is always summer in my heart though.

And then there's this... Seriously McCain, you picked her? Tina Fey's impression in a side by side comparison against the real (confusing) thing.


206 Hip Hop

Last night, I got to go to the Blue Scholars/Hieroglyphics show at the Showbox, on the guest list. I went with my friend Nicole, who is actually the reason I got in for free- she knows the guy that runs the sound board for the Blue Scholars. They ripped it, in front of an absolutely insane hometown 206 crowd. It was also a pleasure to see the classics Hiero, minus Del the Funky Homosapien though. I've loved those guys since I first heard their album '93 till Infinity, in say, '96....
It was also the 1st show I've been to for a long while- I had forgotten how much I enjoy shows.
And today, I sold the cream, went for a run, and watched the Sunday night football game which just ended.
Alright, to sleep!


Girls Divide By 2.

Do yourself and be prepared for a few things after going to Kenji Ulmer's party entitled: Risky Wager-Whiskey Rager.

Well, first, let me explain the name. When one showed up, they had to roll a die (6 sided for those taking notes. Not 20!) and whatever it landed on, you had to take that many shots of Rich & Rare Canadian Whiskey. Do not be fooled: R&R does NOT have either of the advertised attributes!
Girls divided by 2.

So the things you need to be prepared for:
-Being hungover. I was thinking, I drink whiskey like an old chap! Guess what? I drink it more like a young, reckless chap.
-Have coffee. I have none. None! Or milk. I have to go to the store when all I want to do is cocoon myself in my sleeping bag and watch tv.
-Have a big bowl of soup handy too while you're at it. Maybe I'll get some soup too at the store.

I've gotten guest listed to the Blue Scholars tonight, one of the top 2 Seattle hip hop acts (the other being Common Market). I'll report how that goes down.


Let's Keep It Real

I've got nothing new. Sorry. I'm so lame.

I SWEAR I'll come up with something....



I watched the movie "Be Kind Rewind" last night. It stars Jack Black and my favorite MC Mos Def. They re-make a bunch of popular movies in it, since the tapes all got erased. The call it "Sweded." Since it takes them time to make the movies, that's their excuse- they have to come from Sweden. Here are some shorts from the internet:



Rush Hour 2:

And then you need to watch the user Sweded internet videos. Predator? Yes.


Horned Death

I just got home after spending the day out at my friend Mike's new house in North Bend dealing with the elk he shot over the weekend.
The sucker was a big one.  There was about 500 lbs of meat to deal with.  I butchered while he ground.  The problem was that all the meat looks the same when it's as lean as elk.  There is probably less than 5% fat on the animal.  And it wasn't gamey at all.
So most of it got ground or cut into stew meat.  And some of the grind got made into spicy Italian-esque sausage.  There were a few steaks cut, and a few pot roasts wrapped.  For lunch we had a barbarian platter of choicest cuts, and then got back to the sausage making.  It was a mess, and not the preferred cold conditions.  I joked that he probably wished he'd never shot the thing.  Which, btw, took him 2 days of tracking.  He slept out in the open on the ground, and had only a fun-size kit-kat bar as food, since he never planned on going in that deep.  I saw some of the video, and he went nuts, like a soldier in the jungle.
This is what he shot:


Pickled Beans

Sorry for the lack of action round these parts....you know how it goes, right?  Still love your old pal 'gator right???  I hope.
What's the news?  Had a long-is week, since we had the compounding problems of not placing a dairy order the previous week (to have ice cream mix for the following week) and the dairy then not having cream on our scheduled day.  So we were behind, making ice cream on days I'm not used to...
Last night I  had the evening free, and spent part of it laying in the park with iced tea and lemonade on a blanket, watching some teenagers get busted by some bike cops for smoking pot.  Then I got to roll my friend's mom's Mercedes all night.  You don't know know how much restraint it took me to not go ridiculously fast on the freeway when there was an open stretch ahead of me.  Those cars were designed for the autobahn, no doubt.  It's probably a good thing I drive the dart- it will never be able to go 140 mph.  
Today we rocked it at the market, selling the most ice cream EVER.  EV-AR.  I was on fire kids.  And then Tom and I celebrated with $3 Bloody Marys at King's Hardware.   Mine had extra pickeled veggies/no salt on the rim.  I forget, do ya'll drink a good bloody mary down in NZ?



I feel like I've failed to blog not for the lack of desire, but just for the lack of stuff going on....
I had to do the work thing most of the weekend, but was super-excited to get Sunday morning off, so I could watch the Seahawks game.
What a waste of my time, as they got rickety-rocked by the Bills.  I turned off the game before half time- their offense wasn't doing anything....
Last night I hung out at my sister and brother in laws; the first time in a while.  I feel like I don't ever need/want to go to the Eastside these days- that there's nothing there except them.  And it's so far, or is it- 20 minutes with no traffic, and only coming home after 9 can that be guaranteed.
We played bocce ball, had dinner, and listened to my bro's new-ish stereo that really rocks.  It's so good, one can hear the noise of the lips of the trumpet player.  It was almost a "fuzzy" noise that on a lesser setup would have been considered acoustically poor.
And I'm not going into work today- taking a sick day, even though I ain't sick.  I have to finish putting in my new carpet in my car, a project that was conceived maybe 9 years ago, right after I installed the shitty old carpet myself.  My dad will be so pleased when he sees it!



I went and saw these guys (different poster though) last night:

It was mayhem. Check out the wrestlers!
Title match was between Ronald McFondle and Histeria. Barack Obama came out and fought off John McCain who had tried to turn the outcome in his favor. But he got Ba-Rocked!


Basque Birds and Drunken Aliens.

Man, oh man, oh Manischewitz....
I headed to a few new places yesterday after work, and revisited some old ones in hope of, I suppose, to re-capture past glories.
I first went to the whisky bar.  Guess what you do there?  Unfortunately, fighting wasn't on the ticket at such an early time of the day.  But I did get asked by a bum if he could $200, because he's high on dope and doesn't want to do anything else, especially work.  Nor could he, because he was high on dope, as he stated multiple (and quite honestly) many times.  I suppose it's worth a shot- I should ask random people for $200 too.
I then got excited to go to Txori, a Basque restaurant, to drink txakoli and eat pintxos.  The space is everything I'd love to have: Small, light and interesting.  More towards the minimal in most places, but a rustic shelving system housed everything behind the bar, creating a contrast.
The food and drink: fine, but like the chef's other venture, waaaay to expensive for what you actually get.  I'm glad I went, but I'd never go back again by my choice.  When you know what food actually costs, it can drive one insane as to see it be sold.  And by the looks of it, others have noticed too: the place was dead at peak dinner time.  But maybe, since it's a bar first, the crowd will arrive later.
And then the rest of the night was kinda uneventful, except I talked a lot in my to-be-halloween-character's voice.  I am going to be an alien in the 50's mold: green skin and silver suit.  I will talk something like a robot, and the alien's whole deal is that it just wants to be taken to your coldest, tastiest, malt-based beverages, not your leader.