Numbers. They really melt my brain after a while.

In balance sheets, financial calculations and even prices (something that typically hadn't been overwhelming). I need to know them all. And there's so many, so, so many. It makes my head hurt sometimes. I am still also not used to staring at my computer screen for hours on end. It's not something does when their career is craft-based so much.

I've concluded, and perhaps you've been one that I've mentioned this to personally:
I could work for the next 10 years at doing financial stuff, and I'd never be really great at it. My mind does not work in that way. Conversely, if I worked at say, wooden ship building, I'd be very good at it. I have confidence in that statement 100%.

So, back to the mind numb.



Wow. It has been a short while here.

I have been working for a small farm based on Vashon Island, helping them at the farmers markets around town. It's quite fine not to be the boss- I just show up and do my thing. Then I go home and that's it. Drastically refreshing after a few years of being the boss, often feeling like I'm on call on my days off.....
And it's nice, I haven't bought food other than coffee and dried fruit for snacking since I started, since I can trade other farms for stuff, and meat is like gold at the market...I am eating really nutrient dense food, that is all local. And we've just turned the page here in Washington for summer: yesterday, there were cherries picked that morning & the first strawberries showed up in Ballard.

Still plodding along with my business plan. Hit a snag, but will be sorting it out today and tomorrow, things should work out fine, just some numbers things, after I realized I needed to add full liquor from the start. Annoying to have to redo things....

Went down to Oregon last week to hang with my friend Meghan. We went on a nice hike if you didn't see the pics on facebook.