Cuts and Cream

Here I sit, typing with one hand at work, due to the fact I just cut myself. I'm waiting for the thing to close up....I should probably go to the hospital, but I don't want to wait for 5 stitches.
I must've learned this attitude from my mom, who forgot to tell me my lil sister had broken her arm-over a week ago. It apparently took her a few hours to get Sophie to the hospital, because it didn't "seem so bad." When Sophie didn't want to go into the store to get a treat, that's when she really got worried.

My mom is going to be angry at me telling this tale.
Ice cream went pretty well last weekend- it was excellent to be out there. I knew that's where I belonged.
Our new machine is being delivered this very moment! Hazah!


Online Licks

We're online at EmpireIceCream.net

"Local Ice Cream For Local People"

Does that mean no Californians?


It has begun...

We moved some stuff into the factory last night, and I'll be going in to make the 1st batters this year in a little bit.
I'm excited!


Down there in West Virginia




Best Player of the 1990's

I forgot to mention this:
I got the card I never obtained as a child, a MOST coveted Ken Griffey, Jr. rookie card from '89 Donruss (they were $.50 a pack back then!) from a pack my step-dad gave me.

I hope he gets traded back. Except they won't be calling him "the kid" anymore.

I loved this one:


Camping to Zeppelin

I slept in- I am off today. Nice to catch up on sleep. I put on Zeppelin II, sip strong coffee, have my "Korean Farmer's Breakfast." That consists of rice, kim-chee, and a lightly scrambled egg mixed with soy sauce and chili sauce.
The record is loud.
I bought a tent last week, a solo, ultra lightweight one. I had it set up in my room, but didn't take any pics. I've been putting together a gear list of light solo equipment. I think I have it all now. I filled my pack to the Lemon Song- the lighter, smaller pack (40L), instead of the bigger one (85L) I got from Trever that he used on his Siberia trek.
I fit it all in/on. Biggest thing/luxury: A nice sleeping pad. One cannot skimp on that I think. It will keep you comfortable, rested and most importantly, warm.
Here are pics of me all kitted up:

Call sign: Hammerhead.


History has taught us NOTHING.

I have a subscription to the New Yorker magazine (thanks to Paul). There was an article I just read about Herodotus' Histories. He's the guy that invented history- as a genre. He wrote a massive 9 volume series on the history of the Greek-Persian wars. Half of the series is about the back-stories of the various peoples involved. And the other half is about the actual wars between the various Greek city states and Persia. Xerxes was nuts, but if you saw 300, then you already knew that right?....
Anyways, the article ends with this:

Then, there is the story itself. A great power sets its sights on a smaller, strange, and faraway land—an easy target, or so it would seem. Led first by a father and then, a decade later, by his son, this great power invades the lesser country twice. The father, so people say, is a bland and bureaucratic man, far more temperate than the son; and, indeed, it is the second invasion that will seize the imagination of history for many years to come. For although it is far larger and more aggressive than the first, it leads to unexpected disaster. Many commentators ascribe this disaster to the flawed decisions of the son: a man whose bluster competes with, or perhaps covers for, a certain hollowness at the center; a leader who is at once hobbled by personal demons (among which, it seems, is an Oedipal conflict) and given to grandiose gestures, who at best seems incapable of comprehending, and at worst is simply incurious about, how different or foreign his enemy really is. Although he himself is unscathed by the disaster he has wreaked, the fortunes and the reputation of the country he rules are seriously damaged. A great power has stumbled badly, against all expectations.
Except, of course, the expectations of those who have read the Histories. If a hundred generations of men, from the Athenians to ourselves, have learned nothing from this work, whose apparent wide-eyed naïveté conceals, in the end, an irresistible vision of the way things always seem to work out, that is their fault and not the author’s. Time always tells, as he himself knew so well. However silly he may once have looked, Herodotus, it seems, has had the last laugh.

See? I told you no one learns anything from the past. Life is cyclical. Turn!


Amber Alert

Alert! Due to events out of my control, the BBQ/Sarlacc pit was not finished.

I did eat some great sushi late Sat night, after work (which became an unfunny joke with me as the punch line), go for 2 good runs, and attended a BBQ.

Next saturday I hope. Or else.



I've been pretty distracted & unfocused this week, but on Sunday I have big plans:

I am making a BBQ pit.  In my backyard.  It's gonna be sweet.

I'll be using an old Weber grill for a few components and bricks for the bottom part.  Maybe I'll be lucky enough to have it done in time to do some pork shoulder all afternoon....

Now that's what I call a BBQ Pit!