I have reached the conclusion I cannot work my current job anymore. Besides all the reasons people usually assume that viewpoint (such as not liking it anymore, etc...) I have also concluded it takes up way too much of my time. I can't focus on what I should be doing, not what I am doing....so I need to sort out a couple part time gigs, temporary in nature, just to pay my rather meager bills (less than a grand a month for sure, but not an exact number).

I also have to be done by October 30th.

That's per my dad, who say's that is my Saturn Return. The idea that a planet heavily influences one's action's and really, destiny are crazy, but I do seem to have a different energy about me, and I know I cannot continue along the current path. A deviation is needed, and although I experienced a, well I don't want to say mishap, it was a stutter. Summing that up: thought I had found a parter, but it turns out he didn't have the capital needed in my time frame. Hence, the scheming and plotting.....



Damn. What a long week. And I've got lots to do today regarding the icehouse.....

But in my distractions, I found this:

Enjoy yourself today.



It was Morgue's birthday a couple days ago. Happy Birthday my friend.

I was rooting through some old photos and came across these gems from a camping trip we took in the Orongorongo river valley a couple years ago...

This? or this:

And hanging out in the moonlight in a dry riverbed, sitting very, very still for 1 minute....

I am spending my day working on my business plan. I wish I could just hang out today, but there are bigger, better things ahead that need to be thought about!