Oh man. Still. STILL looking for a new car. I want to get one, nay, I really should get one if I am to live/see anyone outside of Seattle ever again (unless you want to drive to me, or I have to fly to get there. Or I just rent a car.)
But yeah, the Dart is barely hanging on, or rather specifically: doesn't stop without making the sound of a wounded wildebeest tangled up in a hammock. So I am back riding my bike, which is good, since it's something I fell out of, and never should have.
In 2 weeks I'll be on the east coast, to CT and NYC and maybe even a little jaunt up to Boston.... looking forward to a vacation- it seems everyone else at work got time off over the holidays, but I pared my hours down by 15 at best. I need a respite/recharging/re-visioning/excitement charge that an experience on the streets of Manhattan can easily provide.

Why getting older in not a bad thing.


12th Man.

Seahawks fans cause an earthquake?

I cannot believe we beat the saints- what a game. We actually have a much better shot at Chicago than this last game I think...


Begin. Now.

I've been mulling things over in my head. This is the year I look to open my own business again.

This time solo.

I have much to do: need to still put together capital (just send it over if you like), people to talk to, and research to numb my brain. I am still not much past a well thought out dream/not scared to do this stage when I am being honest with myself, so I need to kick myself in the butt and get things going.

My idea seems good- simple (if you're looking at a food service based business model), and possible to pull off, at this point any rate....

So. Here go my evenings....

(Happy New Years everyone. I had a good one, hope you did as well!)