Alone In The Wild.

I went out there, but not to the Pacific like I had intended. The ferry line was too great, the day had advanced too much for me to wait that time, and the allure of Sunday morning's World Cup games was far too enticing. So I went out Saturday (For the 1st time in 2 weeks! Breakfast shift tends to make you not want to go out!) with Dustin to the bar of choice. Now the bar of choice has the bartender of choice, who brings the beer of choice. That's why they're all choice-as, bro. And when that happens, and you go home late, and wake up early, and watch games, and are "crudo" as they say in Mexico, then camping is very hard.

So I failed a 2nd night to go. But I had a plan of attack that I followed for today:

Wake up early. This was important. Drive up into the mountains. Also important. Walk up the middle for of the Snoqualmie river, where no one else was, and make lunch, eat with bears, and ponder, study and examine life, my life that it has become. And so I did.

Conclusion: not much new. If I have a desire to return to NZ, it's DesireLite. I have little fight left in me: exactly one piece of correspondence to the Minister, just to rile some feathers, because I instigate. If I return to NZ, to live legally, I need to find a job beforehand, which I am in a pretty fine position to do so now, as I am the chef of a hotel restaurant. That's pretty good. Or, I can write up a business plan with another kiwi, and explore that option. I had thought of that when I was living in the Hutt last, and it seemed difficult, far fetched, and potentially risky for another person. But, hey, who wants to open up my Lewis and Clark themed American Bar? It's cool. I promise.

Also, I defined what my goals are for the current position, both short and long term. I have no qualms about my current positions; it's whatever I want it to be, and it pays me decent for the work load. And I have a life separate from there.

But future adventures? I dreamed about those, with places falling onto my paper from my pen rapidly. I need more money, or a patron. I look in your direction!


Wellington, WA.

First off, I just found out about Wellington Washington. I just saw it on google maps....

I am going camping, after watching the US beat Ghana on Saturday, and after working the opening breakfast shift (it will be the last one in this stretch!) I was looking on the map- thinking about the Wenatchee area, and saw the Wellington name around those parts.....

In proper Wellington news, the point of this upcoming camping trip is to sort out what is next. Is it NZ? Is it a letter to Jonathan Coleman once again? Is it formulating a business plan that one of you kindly readers/friends and/or acquaintances down under want to "go in on?" Or is this really a proper sign that my place is here in Seattle? Or do I take it that I really need to explore somewhere else? India? Argentina? Costa Rica? Chicago? D.C? I have no well formulated ideas, other than I am burnt out and behind at work. No days off, short a man, and things back-logging because I have to cook everyday, and it takes my full attention to keep the train rolling down those tracks....

So, plant some seeds in my head to ponder on while I am away....



.....And then there's this, brought to my attention by the Tallest Ninja, Ben Davie.

Really. It could be an elaborate prank of sorts.

Other than that, I am working very early, too early to cook breakfast, and then staying into the dinner service hours. For 12 days straight.

But then I will be rewarded with sweet nature time, in my tent, away from the stress and annoyance of trivial work matters!



I am exhausted. I am on the breakfast shift. Who wakes up at 5am regularly and is cool? It's harsh, especially when you have to pull a 12+hour shift, and it's for 12 days in a row.....

BUT, when this is over (the 26th), I'll skip town, camp solo, and ponder and/or mull the ideas that pop into my head regarding my future when I am sleep walking/blogging/cooking eggs.....

Here? Maybe. There? Maybe. We'll see... the nature sorts things out in my head for sure. Goodnight, I am going to bed before it's completely dark out.



Well, it came today: the news.

"Dear Mr Andrews
Thank you for your email.
I have completed the assessment of your EOI and I regret to advise that I am not able to invite you to apply for residence at this time. Please refer to my letter attached for further details.
I understand that my decision will come as a disappointment to you, however, we do not have the discretion to make exceptions to policy so must follow it as it currently stands.
If you would like to start a business in New Zeland you may be eligible to apply under one of the Business Categories below:
For more information regarding other categories including Silver Fern Policies please visit our website at
Kind regards

So. A year and a half in the making, it is done. And I am right back to where I started: my only option is to start a business in NZ, which I need $100,000 for, and to employ 3 Kiwis.
Or, start a business with a Kiwi.
OR, marry one.

I am not surprised; I had a feeling this would be the answer once my NZQA assessment arrived. I can just imagine the case worker's relief of ridding me in her files. But I may be crazy at that. Now, what's next?



Greetings. It has been a while since I posted. Either I've been rather busy, or nothing happens I feel.
Events of the last week:
-Work has been stressful with personnel issues, as well as many other things on my plate there.
-Friends of mine have graduated from the UW school of music. Congrats to Kenji and Emily.
-World Cup action. Spending time watching that, but not too much time, like waking up early to catch action. Maybe later this week, when I have to work breakfast shift at 6am anyways.
-My friends Morgan and Caroline are going to have a baby. Amazing! They can name it Alligator if they so choose....boy or girl. Congratulations to them as well.
-Received NZQA assessment. More now:

I opened up my envelope and found out two surprising things. First, I got a B on my internship, which I never knew. I can't figure out why- it was the only non-A I got in school. Maybe it is because I burned my foot?
And, secondly, my school was awarded a "level 3 certificate." That is not good for my NZ Immigration path. I needed a 4 for points. I wrote to notify my case worker the results, and to update some information, and I noted that it is unfortunate that I never actually get to have a face to face interview with anyone regarding my immigration application. Lament that fact, because everyone I know would think, "there's a swell fellow. He should live in NZ if he wants." So. I await her decision, which I am afraid she'll just laugh, and say, "good riddance to this guy!" I'm probably a thorn in her side.

Which leaves me waiting, but regardless, I need to save money, which I am doing so. Not at a prodigious pace, but fine enough. And perhaps a trip to NZ at least could be arranged after the beginning of the year- and a new baby to see to boot! So yes, I wait for the final verdict on my year and a half relationship with Immigration NZ.....



My NZQA result is being sent to me. I have a tracking number that does not track, nor do I know exactly what company to track it with. But a major future decision is in some envelope somewhere in this world. It was sent the 4th, so it'll be here sometime this week I hope. I am slightly nervous perhaps....

This weekend I attended the recital of my friend Emily, who blew me away with her fiddlin'. I know she only tolerates barely my calling playing violin, "fiddlin'," but hey, I am rustic.

Also happened to the Alligator: some nice meals at Dustin's, a 4th birthday party at Art of the Table, a new hat (I discovered the accessories aspect of hat bands, enabling more options), Mex-oulet, the Mexican cassoulet, and watching the beautifully shot movie Tetro, by Coppola.

This week will be rather crazy and quick- it's the last week for UW before graduation, as well as the opening of the world cup! Go USA (although Spain will win I think....)



Ken Griffey Jr, one of my child-hood heroes, announced his retirement today. I still remember the awesomeness of the '95 season, and how it reached its zenith:

He was the best player of the 1990's, and undoubtedly, his leaving for Cincinnati cut short what his full potential could have accomplished. The kid....



This last holiday weekend was tiring. So much to do, so many people to see, and so much food to cook. Monday's pre-planned Memorial Day Luncheon was postponed to the future, and will be known as the Luncheon-To-Be-Named-Later. Like a trade. We had a bbq nevertheless.... Family visiting from out of town: my step-sister Sarah, and my bro/in/law Taylor. We ate like the kings I know I am.

Local Produce, aka, spring onions, rhubarb, asparagus, and the mint is for juleps.

Spring Onions and Corona beans for the baked beans. Those beans are Gigante!

An uncooked bean is this big.

My plate of cooke bacon, from Zoe's meats. It's as good as bacon love gets.

My plate: Wagyu skirt steak, grass-fed beef burger, grilled asparagus, caesar salad, and the baked beans (with the aforementioned bacon, as well as their chorizo action.)

The buffet.

Sarah rockin' the rhubarb crisp. Serve with vanilla ice cream to visit the bomb.com.