Got Haggis?

Last night after working a long and busy day, exhausted from an antibiotic I took (for a cough that won't quit), I went to the pub for a scotch whiskey.  And not for just a drink.  A drink to commemorate Scotland's Robert Burns' Birthday.
He wrote many poems in a uniquely Scottish voice, and until I met Morgan, had really no idea of the guy.  I like the idea that he wrote odes to food and drink.  He must have been a passionate, passionate man.....

Address to a Haggis, with the modern translation.

Man, the haggis I had in Edinburgh was great.  I can taste and visualize that night well!


I make you jealous

Currently I'm sitting at the library, and have found the complete Stax/Volt Soul Singles 1968-1971.

It is 9 Discs!

I can't wait to listen to all that sweet soul music.


Wacky Mackers.

I was looking for a reference to something called, "spicy berries."  They apparently do not exhist, which is what I figured from the start.
But what I did come across is this:  McDonald's' International Menu Items.

I was intrigued by the India section- Maharaja Mac?
Other notables: All meat served in McDonald's in Israel is kosher, something called a McChutney Burger, meatballs as a side for Happy Meals in Sweden.  Pineapple as one in Hawaii.  The beer in France.  And why was I never told about Pasta Zoo?


Golden Sunrise

Man what a morning!
I wish I had a camera with me, as the Olympics were a real treat this morning with the golden sunrise on their snow-capped peaks.  Normally I don't drive so slow to enjoy them, but I was behind a cop, so I slowed my roll....

In -4 degrees no less! (-24 with the windchill)


Now You Have Seen It All.

When was the last time you were on a Japanese Celebrity's Blog?

Bet you didn't know the Alligator was famous-su in Japan.
The only thing better than that of course is to translate it!


This post really doesn't merit a title.

Not much is really happening this week.
I bought a camp stove after an excruciating amount of thought and comparison, as well as being offered different opinions and perspectives from REI staff.  And I ended up leaving the store after 1.5 hours of this game, empty handed.  I did, like I said, buy one used at Second Ascent.
I'll be using it this weekend when I go sledding at the Summit with my girlfriend.  We might snow-camp too.

Man, what a Seahawks game.  Good luck with the Packers on the Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field.


Captain Nemo vs. Vampires!

I recently finished reading Jules Vernes' classic "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea."  I can't recommend it highly enough, even if you've read it a long time ago, it's such a great adventure/interesting view of the future.  I like the ideas of getting all your power from seas water, and that the south pole is a mountain in an open sea surrounded by miles of icebergs in an impassible wall.  Then I thought it would be a grand idea to watch the movie, made by 
Disney (starring a young Kirk Douglas- in 1954!).

What a crock!

Disney really messed it up!  The movie rushed through many parts, skipped others, and re-arranged the order of others.  The ending is completely different too- an invading army?!? 


And most importantly, they made Captain Nemo meaner; more villianesque than in the book.  Vernes' Nemo is a melancholy character you're suppose to dislike, but pity I feel as well....

Also, I've been turning up this band that's been playing on KEXP, Vampire Weekend.  They're from Brooklyn, and you can catch some of their songs on their myspace.
They were also KEXP's 22nd best album of the top 90.3 albums of 2007.  I hate Radiohead.


HNY 2008

Happy New Year everyone.  I hope you had a great time on the eve, and on the 1st.
My new evening was working until about 10:45, and then I raced to a party in Crown Hill.  It was alright, but they did have the greatest record collection I've seen to date....

Yesterday, over at Dustin's house, we had a traditional Southern New Year's day menu:
Fried Chicken and Hoppin' John.  That's black eyed peas and rice basically.  We also made banana margaritas, which cannot be consumed fast enough, as delicious as they are.

2007 is gone, but it was probably the most amazing year of my life.  From having a wonderful girlfriend, to starting up the business, to going on the South Island road trip, it was an epic year indeed.  May 2008 be just as great, or hopefully, better!