I have only a few more days left running the restaurant at the hotel. It feels good, but to be honest, I'm terrified- but in a good way.

I realized this the other day while walking through my neighborhood and listening to this while a light breeze moved the cherry trees. It was a thoughtful, reflective and lovely moment.

"Experience more of these moments," I told myself. "And don't fear, it's the right direction." The cherry blossoms were falling all around me and I just stood there, watching them tumble down like pink snowflakes. Only myself and my future existed in this world.



It's been a complicated week or so with people...

It started out fine and dandy- a visit to Portland to see great friends, and a cousin from the East Coast.

And then, I went to work on Tuesday, and it slid down from there.....
I had been working out how to move forward on my business planning, and actualization. I concluded I had to resign from my current post, which has been following a downward trend since the beginning of the new year. I almost told people to go fuck themselves on Saturday. It's bad. I knew I had this secret future plan, haven't told anyone at work yet that I'm going, so it might look like I'm disgruntled. I am a bit, but I got my part time work sorted this weekend, so the letter of resignation is written, and it's going into the boss's hands tomorrow. I am scared, but in a good way.

It's settled then. I am going down my path.