Sleep Mad

Fighting off sleep from the plane trip out here....5 hours of sleep...staying up till 9:30 is hard after the beers....I peruse the internet and read this:

"They are big boys and they hoe in up front and we put the acid on at half time for our tight five to really step up a bit more and create a bit of a platform for us especially at the breakdown."

It blew my mind that someone could make any sense of that...but then again, I'm by no means a rugby aficionado...more as a "casual observer/internet info procurer."

Sleep and dreams, Mr. Nick Evans. You shall learn to speak one day (don't crush me!)

I am delirious.



I am so stressed with how today has been looming for so long, and I just want it to be over with!
I'm leaving for the east coast at 10pm tonight, and will be leaving directly from work via taxi (they're paying and it's been an issue...). We're hella busy (did I just use "hella?") and I anticipate literally dropping everything I'm doing to get to the airport.
The chef is gone; his father passed away last week, and the burial is today. He shouldn't be there, but we don't have a sous chef. I've been so over worked I feel taken advantage of- I have all the responsibility without the title/compensation. And I have little help. The people coming in are almost not worth having. I cannot expect them to do a quality job, and they don't listen to the whole job's description.

Sorry, I am venting....

And there's more, which I won't regale you with the details of. Let's just say it's the last night of Ramadan....

I'll be around next week.


T-Man Fu

I have the T-Man in my room as we speak. And he just asked me about the Otago Kiwi drawing I was gifted, so I told him that story. One cannot hate that story...
Trever is in town from Hawaii for the week, and he spent his day in Seattle, going about the market and Ballard, and then he came over for the big dinner, which was "Barbarian Grill Night." Lynard Skynard would've approved indeed.
We had 3 different kinds of meat in 4 different cuts.
We also had fresh black beans (which I hadn't cooked before), an awesome salad with 'maters, baby cucs, and French Breakfast radishes. Roasted baby red potatoes and leeks were also served, and some mustard pickled peppers also were present.

Ice cream was a very good day. We had lots of people doing the 3 for $10, and even had a girl buy 14 cups (at a very good discount). She also got a shirt.
And my dad and step-mom showed up, un-announced, which was cool. My dad described the carrot-habanero sorbet as confusing. It's sweet, then spicy, but the temperature is cool. Toungue disorientation can be cool.

It was a nice weekend.


New Computer

I've gotten into a new Mac...and I'm diving deep, only to return for air when all is finished.
It has a built in camera......

It even has a remote, so I can lay in bed and listen to music/watch movies/photo slideshows.
It's sweet as.


I'm back

I attack, alligator style!

Bite attack, again!

Hey everyone. I am here, even though it might seem like I'm stuck in the south of England....
My computer has hit it's limit, and I plan on getting a new one this weekend, if I have time. It's been too difficult to work with, and blogging has moved down the list of things to accomplish when it does work.

Anyways, things are going well. Still at the ice cream thing, and working more at the club, since Dustin has moved on to another job-which is good for him.

I also wanted to say that I saw the rumpus pics at Damon's blog, and I must say I noticed Jon Ball does take a nice picture. Really does. And when did Morgue get his "Hutt Valley" shirt?
I wish I had been there. It was nice to see all the people I know indeed.

Following the All Blacks at the WC, and have to say, I like the results....I found a bar I can go to to watch the games. It's the "Kangaroo and Kiwi Pub." Guess what it's deal is.
I'll be back after I get the new CPU, ro-bros.



I cannot sleep right now. It's just after 3am. I am tired, and I worked a long day- I did both jobs on Saturday...but my mind is just excited.
I'm excited because of how much we're gonna make today! We have, for the 1st time, PERFECT WEATHER. 80 degrees and Sunny.
I am quite positive, based on our building-up nature of the past few weeks, we'll hit a sales goal that I know we all want, and even I never quite thought-or at least recognized that it was a near perfect day-we'd hit it.

But we can do it, and we will do it today.
And then, it'll be reward time: Bring home one of the machines and make margaritas.

That's right.

I'll let all y'all know how it goes. Monday, I'm planning on going to the Puyallup Fair for the 1st time in years. It's scone city baby!


2 Machines=I likey

Having the new machine is SWEET! We went bonkers-or at least it felt like it. It was about 4.5 hours at the factory, and we froze everything we could.

TD and I didn't even have time for me to whomp him at dominoes. He brings the bones, and I own 'em....