Long weekend

It's nearing the end of my 3 day weekend. Friday night, after I got off work, I met Damon at the Alibi room. How he found it, I will never know- wait, I'll ask him right now......
He just wandered by this obscure locale to the bar, aparently. Anyways, I met him there, and he was chatting to this woman he met at the bar. The first thing I noticed about her: Insanity. She was INSANE. Like manic-happy-I-am-touching-you-talking-really-fast kind of craze. And she was probably about 6 glasses of shiraz deep (no food too).

So I had a hard time dealing with her. It was my issue I suppose, but I basically ended up extracting Damon, vaguely SAS style (in my mind) from there, delivering him to the free trade/democracy of the Pacific Inn. Where we drank and listened to rock n roll, and Tom made tons of jokes about Austrailia, which Damon took really well. I figured D just though Tom was an idiot.

Saturday was crazy, since we were getting ready for the party all day. Running errands and whatnot. Ran. Had pizza. Made a mulled cider and filled a pumpkin. Carved Pumpkins. I made a bat boy pumpkin....

The party was great. We had many utlandish costumes. Highlights: A birdfeeder, an American Gladiator (with joust), a cloud, a piƱata, an outhouse, a compost pile, and I was Zombie Johnny Appleseed. I planted little plastic babies.

Lots of booze.

Sunday was a slack day. Cleaned up, cooked, and went to Capitol Hil for a night.

Today Damon and I went to Whidbey Island, to explore it's diverse riches of nature. We threw rocks on a beach at a floating log. We went to a pub in Coupeville and played pulltabs. Damon had his 1st chili burger. And we explored the 10" gun emplacements at an old fort. We saw Bald Eagles, deer and seals among the fauna. And took the ferry return. Here we sit, chillaxin' before a night of steel guitar at the little red hen, Seattle's premier country & western bar.

Phew. I am tired.



Actually, Damon had jet lag, and didn't know he was entering this post on my blog (that was signed in). Or perhaps it was the cactus he had for breakfast....

It is Friday morning, I'm in the aligators large bedroom. To get here took many forms of transport,
- walking with
- the London underground 'tube'
- the Heathrow Express overland trane
- a Leufthansa flight in the wrong direction from London to Frankfurt
- a Leufthansa flight in the right direction to Vancouver
- got in double length airport bus to get to the terminal
- travellator across the airport
- turboprop connector plane
- driverless interterminal train
- commuter bus from the airport
- the aligators girlfriends 4x4

I didn't do any sea transport, sorry about that!



Damon is in the building

He's here. And we had Chinese food for dinner. Now he gets to end his streak of 28 hours straight being awake.

Sleep, little Damon, sleep.


Los Taco Trucks

I was hungry last night, and trying to find the hours for a taco truck near my house.
Taco trucks are quite possibly the greatest thing ever- if they're good. I wish I had one outside my house. But guess what? Some guys started a blog for locating taco trucks in Seattle.
So all I have to do now is move nearer to one. Like in their parking lot.


and while I'm thinking about it, the future of taco trucks, called "skillet."


Best. Prank. Ever.

I found out today that one of my best friend's little brothers is a mastermind.
He goes to the same high school as I did, Capital High in Olympia, and he's a senior. The prank was done at the homecoming assembly, which, like all assemblies are stupid. But this one is really stupid, since it entails having skits that are voted on using the age old popularity contest thing.

So the prank was to crash the assembly with one guy dressed up as a giant penis wearing a Dubya mask. It gets better: the dubya "dick" shot the freshmen with a super-soaker filled with milk. (I didn't say it was a CLASSY prank!)

Here it is:

BTW, the woman chasing the penis out is the principal.

And the best part is that he didn't get caught! When it looked dire, a getaway car pulled up, and whisked him away. There is no proof of action for anyone involved.

Apparently, he's planning more. It's a skill he learned overseas....


Armed and Crazy.

I am done with changing my room around. It's really different. Perhaps over-utilized on one side, but the "guest quarters" needed to happen with Damon's arrival later this week. After he goes, I am getting a desk to make that part the "office."
I think I've moved EVERY thing except my clothes dresser, which was going to move, then didn't. I guess also things on walls are still static. One nice feature is that I've moved my record player to the corner of the room, where the floor has no creaks, thus allowing for skip-free playback. Stabil is great. I've listened to records all this evening while moving.
Played on my turntable:

Warren Zevon- Stand In The Fire (recorded live at the Roxy in LA)
Johnny Paycheck-Armed and Crazy (best song title is "Thanks to the cathouse, I'm in the doghouse with you.")
George Gershwin- An American in Paris. It's so fantastic.
Willie Nelson & Webb Pierce- In the Jailhouse Now

What a night.

Earlier today, we had our last day of ice cream production. Tomorrow is the last day of sales at the market, and what a ride it's been. We're planning on having the "last supper" afterwards. I am throwing it all down.
The Mint Triple Choco Threat is wicked, that's all I can say. True Bliss.

I've also changed what I'm dressing as for Halloween. I had planned on being a lercherous hunchback, i.e. Igor from Young Frankenstein, but a completely random idea came up, and I jumped on it. I won't say what it is here, but needless to say that when I told the costume shop guy who/what I was going to be, he said, "wow. I think that's a truly original idea."
I will say Pierce in NZ would be proud.

And, uh that's it I suppose. I tried a new pho place that was better than all others I've had recently.....

Well, off to make a late dinner. Looks like I'm staying in tonight.


Puffy Coats and Damon

I got a coat. A nice puffy-like-a-sleeping-bag one from REI. It's down, and will do the job. It has a hood and the best part is: It fits perfectly under my rain coat ( it seems made to match). and I used my dividend from being a member of $28. Free money is nice.

It's the last week of ice cream. Just got back from the factory, it' 1:12 am. A short day on Saturday, and sales at the market on Sun. It'll be over before I know it.

And then, clean the house for the Halloween party, and Damon. He'll be seeing the new room set-up.

Lot's of plans!



It's getting cold, and I've been looking for a jacket.

I've spent hours, literally, hours searching the internet for one. There are many features I'm looking for, but seem to have gone to the wayside due to this newfangled idea of "layering."

I found one I liked/met the requirements, but didn't make the purchase then. It was on a clearance site, and so when I came back, my size was sold out.

So here I am cold, and upset.

I just want a coat.


Seattle Times Blurb

Here's us in the Times:
"A new ice-cream company run by a Seattle bartender and two local chefs began selling an eclectic mix of flavors at the Ballard Farmers Market in mid-July. Empire Ice Cream flavors vary according to the produce the owners buy each week, and they've included carrot habanero sorbet and brown sugar peach ice cream.

Each batch — made with Italiana gelato machines at a catering kitchen in lower Queen Anne — makes about a dozen 8-ounce containers, which cost $4, or three for $10, said co-founder Tom Durchman.

The bartender and chefs, whose company is called The Epicurean Empire, plan to stop selling ice cream at the market in late October to focus on finding investors, improving packaging and maybe selling to a restaurant or two."

It's small, but it's still cool!


Weekly Ramblins

This week offers a few things.
1st is the most important: Empire Ice Cream has received it's first press! It's not exceptional, but still loved. It's on the Stranger's (One of Seattle's weeklys- the one that had the blurb about THE PARTY, well, my going away party....but that's another story and I digress....) Blog. The blog is called "The Slog" (get it!?!?) . The little note was basically our weekly email- if you read this blog, you should be on the mailing list- pumped up by the food writer, whom I've reviewed a bar with, Bethany Jean Clement.
There are some interesting comments, some of which contain racial statements.

But it's all good, as they say.
We're supposed to be in the Seattle Times tomorrow.

The other thing about the Slog is it had a post on Senator Larry Craig. It was an online recipe of his on a collection called "Congress Cooks!" Amazing but true.

There might have been more stuff to write about, but it's too cold in my room- I must hide under covers, and so I leave you this true fact about me:

I fell on my head last night. Twice. Pile driver style.