I just saw my dad for the first time in 258 days. He has returned home from travelling since the beginning of the year, and obviously for most of y'all, I was gone since September.
It was for only perhaps 45 minutes, but we ate ice cream (Empire Brand Double Brown & Cocoa Nib with Choco Swirl) and he showed me the list of things he's planned for the house.
It was excellent. I am going to bed now, a'ight?


There's Zombie Fish in the water!

I went camping up in the Cascades, out past Index and Goldbar on Hwy 2 this weekend. I went with some friends, and we got a very late start on Friday night, and the fact there was traffic in the middle of nowhere (why?) didn't help.
We hit the trail at about 9pm, and it was a 3 mile walk. I'm glad it was an easy one, with 500 feet gain.

We arrived at this lake in darkness, with only one other campsite (which turned out to be some drunk yelling at his kids for a whole day. He sucked to say the least.) filled and we got set and ate dinner over the fire. The next day it was alright weather wise, and we just lounged about, and checked out the lake area. It was just off the mountains, and was (when filtered) the best damn drinking water earth could provide perhaps.

Rain came after our big bon-fire bonanza complete with hotdogs, smores, bourbon and ghost stories (zombie fish). Sunday was damp, and I mostly stayed close to the fire after going swimming (ok, it was really a jump in, a yelp of "holy shit!", and a race to the shore and fire.) and doing the requisite camp work, like getting wood, which was scarce due to the rain. Sunday was curry night, and drama filled with some yahoos getting drunk and firing their guns. I will add that (some) are in the military, but that doesn't make it any better. But I did come away with 2 genuine MRE's, complete with 3600 calories in a meal. And tons of sodium. It's what you need for combat I suppose. Or you could live for 3 days off one.

And the hike back in/stuck in traffic/eating at Zeke's burger shack/hey the weather is really nice in the city!

I can't see myself going to the wingoff. I think I'll just eat those wings with CP......


Worst. Applicant. Ever.

I know this is pretty bad, but today an old resume cover leter was exhumed from the "I cannot believe this!" file. It was brought for comparison against a new challenger. I must note that PLENTY of terrible resumes come through ANY kitchen, due to English as a second language, or just plain dumb people. But I wanted to post this actual, and incredible piece for your amazement.

And if you read this, you are as bad as I am....

"Seeking long-term employment opportunity with Restaurant working the Kitchen-back of house, saute cook most looked aster, of course a desire. I have exceptional prior kitchen friendliness, not kitchen suddeness. Learning and training is an ongoing practice and I excel doing so. Education is my priority; student living, of course is a necessity. I take responsibility for all my tuition and school costs which includes; room, health and trasportation and student fees. I have a career interest analysis wisdom and virtue; also, I should mention I am an avid outdoorsman and rich at all of it. You can most notably recognize, I (name blacked out), and asses the formulation as a whole and extract the following qualitites, because you will notice that each division is evident, apart of who I am today and will be tomorrow. I have desire to achieve a task within a comfortable time fram, I possess the strength to achieve a reasonable request, competent and responsive to upper management. Prefer shared deadline as a team rather then forced to be singled out. Find that I get along with all races, genders and personality types; except for, backstabbers, gossipers and cowards. I am responsible and courteous, I expect nothing but championship quality, unless otherwise expected. Have experience researching controversial issues, current affairs, bibliographies, popular culture etc. I enjoy a fast paced heated enviroment with value and intensity. I excel with interactive busy work tasks, and pursue small and large business fundamental objectives. Don Dellilo writes... that, all of the hand written and word processed excess documents thrown out, are to be valued later not disturbed as garbage before..."


Why Morgue Owes me like 10 bucks!

Morgue accidently sent me nearly 8 gazillion texts. Actually it was about 75. From 6:08 to 6:22 on 5/12.

So really it's only $7.50. I'll let you buy me a beer at the next Mariners game we go to.

Also, Aki Ulmer owes me a Daewoo DVD player in my NEW (read: to be replaced in about 3 years....) 1983 Alfa Romeo Spyder (to replace the one he totalled). Damn the man that took that ride from me on a nice sunny day like today!

Damn him to Japan......


1st day off in 2 weeks!

Oh boy oh boy. I got to do NOTHING today. It was nice.
I went to a house party with a bad theme. I won't divulge what is was-I shouldn;t encourage it. But I dressed up as Andre Agassi. With the earrings and racket. There was plenty of the usual, except I found I am a complete natural at guitar hero 2. I now have something else to buy to waste my time on. And I look forward to it, for some reason.
This morning I ate at my new favorite breakfast place: SeƱor Moose Cafe in Ballard. Traditional Mexican breakfasts and coffee that was very tasty.
And I've lounged about all day, sleeping and listening to music. Thinking about ice cream.....

And still I haven't done a damn thing with my room. Leon, be proud that I was intimidated by the massivesness of Ikea, and left with NOTHING. I am building my bookcase this week I hope.


Nicaraguan Islands

So my Dad has been travelling since the begining of the year, but y'all probably know that. He's been writing some tales of his adventures, and here's the latest installment.

It's a tale of being on a small Nicaraguan island, and meeting a local. It's a good short story.

In other news, it's hot-ish today. And seemingly hotter in my new upstairs room (still unpacked). I figure what's the point if ya got no shelves to put the stuff on? Ikea tomorrow morning I think.


Working. Mom.

I am currently working tons, at my non-me job. But I will have a gazillion hours overtime (but not like the city light guys who made $164,000 in ot last year ON TOP of their $85k base.....makes me wonder why I'm not handiling power lines.....Leon?) that will make it great to justify buying a nice machine that freezes dairy and sugar into money.

Escoffier had a recipe for asparagus ice cream that I will make next week.

Happy mother's day to all you mothers out there.



Home Sweet Home

It is strange to think I have a place all of my own again. I know I had a home and an apartment in New Zealand, but for some reason this seems odd. I again have all my stuff, some of which I never brought out of storage for my last (super-choice) place. Thus, said items haven't seen daylight since January '05.
I have changed a lot since then, and it was a very different person I feel who packed those things away. Why did I keep this? And that! I forgot about that!

It's kinda cool, like a treasure chest.

I have started compiling a list of things I need for the room. It's a long one. Part of the problem is that I have either loaned things, or gotten rid of them. I need a couch. And a lamp. And a matress. And many other dumb small things you can live without, but make things seem nicer.
But on top of that list, are the letters, postcards and pictures all you kids will send to me.
I will email my address to you. (And if there's any people out there that read the blog that want to send me something, contact me and I'll give you my email address.)

And then, it will go on the wall and make me a happy Alligator.


Happy Cinco de Mayo

Enjoy. Tengo un gato en mis pantalones. Necesito queso para mi burro.

Man that mouse is funny.


Food Trends...of the FUTURE!

Today I thought of a conversation I had with Damon aka Devo after some drinks one night. The topic brought up why I was leaving New Zealand perhaps, because it brought up my opinion that NZ's food scene was at least 8-10 years behind what was going on here in Seattle (or at least, what the cool kids are doing here). Damon then asked me what he, and a whole nation have to look forward to.

I have added roasted garlic (blank). The flavor of roasted garlic into anything, ANYTHING will be inevitable. Perhaps I missed that one- that it already came and went, but that unmistakable, played-out, and not very good flavor will be popular at some time.

Other, perhaps cooler things on that list included: emulsions, foams, essences, things cooked sous-vide, purple potatoes, fancy mac 'n cheese, bold southwestern cooking mixed with tropical fruit (I'm looking at you Bobby Flay), infusions, and braised meat cheeks. Some of those are truly yummy. Mango-chipotle salsa is not.

Empire Brand Ice Cream by Epicurean Empire. Look for it soon at your farmer's market! Made with local ingredients. Featuring peak of the season produce.
Coming in August: Sweet Corn Ice Cream.
No more secrets will be revealed now.

What's your favorite flavor?