This week's This American Life (btw, it's the most incredible podcast consistently) had a thing on coca-cola. And their coming across the supposedly-secret original recipe. And then they make it, with help from Seattle-based Jones Soda (the makers of turkey and gravy flavored soda fame...). And it's wacky, because extract powers have changed. But they posted the recipe and directions on their blog.
So here's the thing: I thought it was crazy that basically sugar plus lemon, lime, nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla are the flavor profile of a cola. So I combined those things at work tonight: juice of one lemon, one lime, 1 T ground cinnamon, 1 T ground nutmeg, and 1 T vanilla bean paste. And lots of sugar. If you knew what it was a mix-up of, you could tell where it was headed. And then, when I took that sweet mix-up, and added soda water, it tasted like an actual soda of sorts.

But it needed rum really. A spiced rum sour, eh?

Listen to the story!



I have returned home from vacation, where I visited the frozen, then thawing New England.

After a 24 hour weather delay (I made the best out of a sunny day in Seattle, believe you me), I headed to CT, where the snow had been piled up by the plows, making a drive seem like a trip through a snow canyon. There was snow at least up to my stomach, and piled much higher than I in some spots. I visited with my grandparents and family, cooked a big Spanish affair, and kept beer outside in the snowdrift.

On Saturday I took the train down to the city of New York, where I stayed at my cousin's place, one block away from Central Park. He decided to go to the Super Bowl, so I had the place left all to myself (which wasn't bad). I explored the city, went insane at Eataly (the Italian foods-only mega store), had a bite at Bar Jamon (I ate there last year) and sat across from some random women that were from the Seattle area. I then just walked. I love walking that city. I walked from 17th and broadway to past Columbus Circle (which is 60th), in a foggy, slightly drizzly winter evening. Moody, melancholic, and yet still buzzing from action. I went out with some friends of my cousin he had put me in touch with, and stayed out on the town till 4am.

Sunday, was a day of riding the train, but mishap style. Things are being renovated/improved, but it was annoying. I got to Chinatown, which was a madhouse due to the New Year's action/parade/overflowing streets/full restaurants. So I left hungry, and went to Brooklyn, where I met a friend from Seattle, ate Polish food, shot some pool, and went to an insane football party where there was an unobstructed view of midtown from Greenpoint- from the couch you could see the Empire State Building and the Chrysler building too...

I had a good time, it was much too short, and not relaxing, but as my mom said, going to big cities is never relaxing. I love cities, so does that mean I am not a relaxed person? Hmmm.....
I'll try to do it next year, but I may actually go later in the year to not have to worry about the snow this time....