Utter failure last night, I admit.

I feel ashamed to let you all know that I haven't made a pavlova in a very, very long time. Over 6 months, and maybe over 9.
I used to make them weekly! And I got to the point where it was all done by eye. And I just did it by eye last night. I also whipped the whites by had- or I should say my friend did, but we got to the right place, or so I thought.
The pav had a poor structure, and the sugar "bled out" some.
Plus I put in like 3 times the right amount of vinegar.
Actually, thinking back, it was the vinegar....
I didn't serve it. It died a hot water death.

So I ate chocolate and fresh raspberries with my date. Could've been worse....


Pavlova "ala Felice"

I'm off today. Well, I have a couple Empire duties, but one of them is a chocolate tasting. Poor me!
I'm cooking up a storm tonight, and have been looking forward to it, since I bought the produce at the market on Sunday.

Tonight’s menu (at this point) is:
Squash blossom “rellenos” stuffed with spiced ground lamb and rice
Yakima sweet corn succotash, with local green beans in lieu of limas
Spicy grated fresh pickles
Pavlova “ala Felice”

Yes. You wish you were coming, I know.

In other news, I get to see Aki today; he's been in London for the last 2+ months, and we get to hang out today.
And we made a super-secret flavor of ice cream, that we're not telling anyone what flavor it is. We'll put the fact that there's a secret flavor on the website, and citizens have to just ask the for the secret flavor-no tastes- or flash the Empire gang sign.


1 full week

I have posted something every day this week.  That must be the 1st time in sooooo long.
Possibly since I really started this blog...
hmm, what's new today?...not much, just lot's of ice cream selling, and working at the club.

Actually, today was kind of boring!
But tomorrow is Seafood Fest in Ballard, so we should be busy (no fish ice cream though...)

Also, I'm making my own bacon at work...it's gonna be bomb-tastic.



I put an ad on Craigslist to find a graffiti artist to paint our van.  It seems like we found a guy, but he was more or less the 1st artist with spray can experience, after a bunch of comix guys, or crazy people....then today I got like 5 people who seem legit.
But the van is gonna be rad!
I'll be making those pics come available when it's done (hopefully next week).  fo' sho'


Kiwis, what are you doing?!?

Why would you do this to your children?!
Fish 'n chips (for Twins)!



Besides Waylon Smithers, perhaps my favorite Waylon is Mr. Jennings.
I've just found a collection in torrent form of his 63 albums he released.  He had a career from '64-2000.  Amazing output.
Most surprising song I've heard thus far: A version of Norwegian Wood.
And to think it started with me looking for "Lonesome, Ornery and Mean"
Man what a great song that one is....


Dinner vs Mulberries.

I am home from my run.
I am pondering my future as it pertains to my dinner tonight.
Curry? Lasagna? (I am seriously considering making a huge one).  Just salad with rice? Baked potatoes?  Ahh...I will go to the store and let the fates decide.

Watch, I'll just order out!

Made lots of ice cream today.  And I ate my 1st mulberry, which the grower grows to let the birds eat.  He plants them next to his cherry trees, and they like them better, since they're sweeter.


Eat some S'Cream!

Ahh, it's a beautiful morning here in Seattle.  I am off today from Empire, since we decided that we only need 2 guys to run the stand.  We'll be rotating days off.  A break!
But it's National Ice Cream Day.  Celebrate it!  Eat some Empire Ice Cream if you can.  Eat Kapiti if you can't....
I finished watching Six Feet Under.  It's a show I started months ago, and the ending is quite heavy.  I cried, it's that heavy.  But, somehow, I felt good too.  Amazing stuff really....

So my day now is I'm picking up Kenji, going to the market, getting some ripe tomatoes and other veggies and eat them with some lamb kabobs.  Or some neck steaks.  I have a hankerin' for lamb today for sure.
Later I'm walking around Green Lake with a friend, and then tonight I'm having dinner with my cousin Paige who just finished at the London School of Economics.
What a free day in the sun!
Ohh, and I gots to make me a pavlova too.  With ripe fresh, local raspberries....to be a locavore in this area in the summer-such pleasure!



From the New Yorker issue pictured below:

1. Top thick slices of country bread with fresh goat cheese. Sprinkle with herbs and bake until crusty; serve to everyone but Jeff.
2. Vegetarian friends? Try veggie rumaki: wrap a strip of imitation bacon around a water chestnut, spear with a toothpick, and broil—but instead of imitation bacon use real bacon, and instead of a water chestnut use veal.
3. Steal Cheryl’s famous potato-salad recipe. When Cheryl asks, “Why did you steal my recipe?,” say, “I don’t know, Cheryl, why did you break my heart?” Then laugh so she knows you’re just kidding.
4. Blend fresh crabmeat with diced avocado, scallions, and a dollop of mayonnaise for a canapé topping so delicious that it will take your guests a full minute to realize that they’re eating it off dog biscuits. Once they catch on, act mortified and stammer that you must have “mixed up the boxes,” until everyone calms down. Then start crying because the biscuits remind you that today marks exactly eight weeks since you had to put down Buster, and you just miss him so much.
5. Tell Marissa that you appreciate her concern, but in the two years since Cheryl broke off the engagement you’ve grown up a lot, and you’re really in a much healthier place now. Then say, “Speaking of fiancés, how’s Peter’s alcoholism?” (Note: This is not technically an appetizer.)
6. For a taste of the U.K., fry up mini-servings of fish-and-chips. Take it to the next level by wrapping them in small pieces of newspaper, which, oddly enough, all seem to be printed with unfavorable reviews of Jeff ’s novel.
7. Have you ever noticed how sun-dried tomatoes and top-grade peyote look exactly the same? Not a suggestion, really. Just saying.
8. Another one for the vegetarians. If they think they like tofu, wait until they sample your delicious mock tofu—all you need is chicken fat, puréed pork loin, and five cups of piping-hot tallow. Cheryl will never know the difference.
9. Tempura makes great finger food, and the batter locks the flavor of just about anything in a savory, opaque crust. Impress your friends with creative choices, from squash blossoms to mislaid car keys to the two-carat engagement ring that Cheryl gave back to you after she “reassessed things.” Surprise!
10. Guests getting antsy? Head them off with a big bowl of steamed mussels. No one can resist mussels, not even emotionally stunted ex-fiancées and their new poorly-received-novelist boyfriends. Besides, disappearing into the kitchen will give you a chance to collect your thoughts and also to go slash Jeff ’s tires.
11. Homemade sugared almonds make the perfect sendoff, sure to please all your guests, even the ones who would be bludgeoning you with a tire iron if Peter weren’t standing between you. Good old Peter. He may not be the brightest or the handsomest person, but he’s very large.
12. As the party disperses, your guests might seem a little ungrateful, calling you an obsessive sociopath or pelting you with sugared almonds. Don’t worry, it’s probably the peyote talking. Just stand on the porch as their cars pull out, your eyes brimming with tears, and shout, “You know, I try, I really do . . .”
13. Add, “My dog died! He died! And he’s never coming back!”
14. Hepatitis! (Note: This is not technically an appetizer.) ♦


Terrorists Fist Jabbing in my Room!

I just got the infamous issue in the mail! (For some reason the CPU won't save the flip of the backwards photo I took...)

Sweet Toast

I am currently eating cinnamon toast for breakfast, something which I haven't done since I lived at home probably.

Man, is it great!

Who else loves cinnamon toast, say YEAH!
(Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal is another matter entirely...)


Longest. All-Star Game. Ever.

The midsummer classic took nearly 5 hours, and didn't end until 1:40am.
It was the longest by time, and by innings-15.
It was incredible for the fact that each time one team got "so close you knew they were gonna score" close, the other pitcher somehow got out of the jam, or an infielder made some incredible throw.
I've never seen 2 perfect drag bunts in a row.
Look at the box score below, grabbed from my screen, they are literally the biggest, most complex ones ever.
A shout out to the Stadium; the only one it'll ever get from me.  I hate the Yankees....


Weekend Ramblings

Ahh...so what's the story in these parts these days....
Friday night I met the owner of Matterhorn/Mighty-Mighty/member of the band Eggs here in Seattle.  Apparently, he's an old friend of my step-sisters from college.  He married a girl from the Hutt, and live in Wellington now.  He's really cool.  I owe him one....
Saturday was a long one, but at the Empire stand in UW, I was in the zone.  I sold more ice cream than the other guys, and I was flying solo.  I even had a girl drop her number.  Actually, her friend did it for her, and there was another woman standing there who was beautiful.  When the utterly gorgeous woman remarked, "wow!  that's pretty amazing."  I replied, "It's just a theme for the day.  I'll take yours too."
She then laughed, and told me that I didn't want hers, since she was married and pregnant....
Sunday though was torture at Fremont.  I had to work so HARD to get people to TASTE ice cream, and it was really hot.  Really hot.  I got discouraged and hit rock bottom when I told a guy who wanted to know where he could get his son a sno-cone that "I wouldn't feed my kid a bunch of that corn syrup crap."  He then said, "Uhhh.....thanks...." and walked away.
We're done in Fremont.
And then I went out with this girl from work to see The Wes Jones Band at the Little Red Hen- I took Damon there to see em when he came to town. 
And tonight I just home from giving the 1st ever ice cream factory tour to these 2 regular customers- the girls who took me to eat amazing fruit.  And I received more too....

Now an evening run around the lake accompanied by This American Life.


More Miracles

Man, it's been a long day.  I had more miracle fruit- I was given some by the girl who gave me the tour of the greenhouse- and had a "tasting" at work.
I tried: Limes (again), pickles (again), blueberries, goat cheese, chocolate, hot sauce, vinegar, arugula, cheap tequila, garlic, mustard and anchovies.
The berries seemed to have lost some of their magic, as most everything tasting only slightly off.
But what did taste strange to me was the tomato-basil sorbet we made tonight.


Miracles and Miracles

It was a great weekend.  Busy though with the business, as we started our double market days, meaning I got to wake up earlier and end my day later!  Fun!  But I suppose more income is more income at this point....and I made good use of my "position" with the ladies.
You know I'm kinda conflicted in this: I finally have an easy way to talk to ANY GIRL I WANT TO, for essentially no reason- ok "do you want to try some ice cream?" is a reason.  But what's the line I cannot cross?  Are there ethics here?  Can I not press them for more info?  Say, like a number?  Is that greasy?
I might be a little greasy....
Also, I went to the Seattle Int'l Beer Fest Sat night with my friend Dragan (the one whom laughs like a hyena) and met some more ladies there, including one of the Seagals. (They weren't cheering, she was just there.)
And today I met 2 of the girls that are very good customers/biology grad students at the University's greenhouse to eat some miracle fruit.  They block all your sour and bitter taste receptors in your mouth, making sour and bitter things super sweet.  I ate half a lime, and it was like the best margarita I've ever had- super sweet and fresh.  I got some for an experiment at work tomorrow too- I'll be laying out a big tasting spread after doing some research tonight....I'm excited!


4th of July.

Happy 4th of July, belated.  Yesterday I returned from a brief and highly unsuccessful fishing expedition/worst meal of my life to smoke a pork shoulder in my brick box.
It was smoked for 5 hours, then wrapped up in foil with my smoked Mexican chile BBQ sauce and cooked for another hour.  It was then pulled, and mixed up with more sauce.

It was the best BBQ.  Ever.

I could win multiple blue ribbons, because of it's unconventional style and taste.  Some will remember my Blacked Jerk Pork with Sweet Carrot BBQ sauce, but not many, because of it's limited audience.  Some will experience it someday: meaning probably YOU!
I caught up with a few people via the phone, and the best thing ever:  My friend exclaimed, "I'm an independent woman!"  and her sister in the next room just thought she was talking to herself, not realizing she had picked up the phone.

Watched the fireworks over Lake Union and nearly blew everyone up with a failed double mortar attempt.  Sorry Anne.


Fly Me to the Moon

A recap of last weekend:
Drove the Dart via the ferry to Pt. Townsend. It was nice to stretch the cars legs like that. Just cruising. When I got to PT, I went for a run to the lighthouse at Ft. Warden state park, which is about 4 miles return. It was insanely hot! I hung out the rest of the evening, with the exception of the rehearsal. Twilight was spent on a deck at a bar called sirens 3 stories above the water watching the small ferry (a different one) and the seagulls. It was pleasant. Also, the groom, who never drinks, downed 4 shots in something like half an hour. None of it was my doing, I swear.
The wedding was a long day indeed. Very hot again, but I looked good in my tux. The ceremony was nice, short and full of tears for the parents.
The reception, in the shade of a big tent, was accompanied by a gypsy jazz band that was quite good. I even sang a song with them- fly me to the moon. It was my 1st time singing with a live band I think...
After the reception, me and a couple guys returned to Seattle, exhausted, but got super-hot Indian food. I like it when I tell the waiters I want it as hot as they eat it. They always smirk...

This week is crazy busy, as it's our 1st double-market day weekend. So we have lots of stuff to take care of, but I will, seemingly have the 4th mostly to do what I want. I love that.

And, finally, I came across this amazing wine description, from a fancy restaurant in Seattle's website:

"Scot's Wine of the Month
Summer is finally upon us. Let's hope it's not a passing fling. Summer love is in the air and the Seattle-layers are coming off; Beware of the ghostly skin that has yet to see the sun in months. I've finally found my favorite shades, lotion and I am headed to the beach with a bottle of rosé. Domaine Ott's, Les Domaniers is priced right and is perfect for those hot summer afternoons and romantic evenings. It's soft and supple with hints of flowers of Provence and ripe strawberries. Slide the cork out and let the juice flow. The aroma is intoxicating and reminds one of young innocent love. The color is pale pink and not unlike seductive skin that has been veiled from the sun. There is a touch of wet stone and mineral…similar to humid air drench with the mist of crashing waves. This rosé is a clean and refreshing compliment to the thick provocative musk of bodies that have been baking in the hot afternoon sun. Les Domanier's Rosé is dry and great for inviting temptation. Women love it. It's perfect with Spot Prawns, Dungeness Crab and lush pink lips. As the sun sets and you are curled with your sweetheart take a moment to reflect how simply perfect life can be; Your girl, a beautiful sunset, a beach blanket, crashing waves, and of course a perfect bottle of Rosé by Les Domaniers."