Return 2: Hutt's Bounty.

This may be irrelevant anymore- this whole blog thing. When even your grandma is on facebook, then does a personal blog act as something different, something that matters anymore?

I've concluded that yeah, it probably has jumped the shark.

That being said: if there's anyone out there that reads this, and doesn't know yet, I've shelved the business idea for the time being (one day!) and will be going traveling back down to NZ. She's the woman I can't get out of my head, and I want-to-commit-but-she-wont.

I will be going down for a holiday, and a most important wedding. I probably will again go on hiatus here till the trip time, then I will perhaps use this place for some travel journal type writings that are lengthy in words.

Until then, please think of the lost children I know in Lower Hutt....


Morgan said...

I of course am reading your blog. But blog reading is going downward as a general trend as people go to Twitter and Facebook and Tumblr and Google+. I think a blog is a wonderful format but it seems the world is starting to move away from it.

Lower Hutt waits for you.

R said...

Yeah, the blogosphere does seem a bit emptier these days, but I too enjoy reading your postings, though I infrequently comment. :)


Tree-Top-T said...

In my mind, the world without The Alligator Love, well, I don't want to live in that cold, dark place. Keep on blogging in the free world man.