Time Fracture Wickets.

This is the last post of Aught '11. This year was one of great goals, yet unrealized. It was one where I learned some strengths and finally recognized my bigger weaknesses. All in all, interesting though.

Upside: kids in Noo Zuland get to celebrate my 30th with a game. That game? Calvinball. I will have to make some rules out so it is playable, but needless to say there will be masks and songs. And perhaps even a time fracture wicket....
(there will also be beers and cheese kranskys....)

And then after that NZ nonsense, it will be wide open. Where I stop, no one knows. Exciting!


Anonymous said...

Calvinball! I always wanted to play that with some good sorts. Ha hah!

See you sooooooooon!


Anonymous said...

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